Meet the Couple Who Turned a Tiny Grain Silo Into Their Dream Home


Matt Winquist for Zillow

When newlyweds Christoph Kaiser and Shauna Thibault chose their first home together, they decided to think way outside the box. Instead of the traditional house with a white picket fence, the couple chose to live in a 366 square foot grain silo that they found on Craigslist. According to Thibault, she and Kaiser were met with a fair bit of skepticism after they revealed their plan to family and friends.

But that didn’t stop Thibault, a stylist and boutique owner, and Kaiser, an architect, from transforming the silo into their dream home. Kaiser, who drew up plans to transform the silo into a home with the help of his architecture and design firm, says that the challenge was ending up with “a piece of architecture that actually feeds your soul, as opposed to draining it.”

He accomplished that with some resourceful design flourishes like having most furniture and appliances on a 90-degree angle, a large glass door on wheels that gives access to the backyard, and a separate sleeping loft that the couple has turned into their own personal theater. “You feel like you’re at the IMAX,” Thibault told Zillow. “You can lie in bed, and it projects arced on the wall. Subwoofers are hidden underneath the bed, so everything kind of shakes. You can watch ‘Jaws’ in full format. It’s pretty great.”

But perhaps the greatest benefit of living in such small quarters is the effect it’s had on Kaiser and Thibault’s relationship. “I think there’s an intimacy that’s imposed on people when they’re in one space. You can’t find that separation,” Kaiser says. “It makes you confront issues more, and it really brings you together.”

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