Your Favorite Artists Will Wear White Roses to the Grammys to Support Time's Up

Updated 02/01/18
Jon Kopaloff /Getty Images

Artists and others members of the music industry will show support for the #TimesUp movement at the Grammys this weekend by wearing white roses, Billboard reports.

Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Cyndi Lauper, Rita Ora, and more have committed to supporting the demonstration. Look out for these stars to take the red carpet wearing white roses in solidarity for the movement against sexual harassment during Sunday's award ceremony.

The demonstration was organized by industry executives Meg Harkins and Karen Rait. They felt it was a necessary step after realizing the event was coming without any plan in place to show support for the growing movement, according to Billboard. This coming just weeks after celebrities showed up in all black for the Golden Globe awards.

Harkins and Rait are committed to supporting the hard work done by the #TimesUp movement organizers. "It's very important that we stay on their message," says Rait. "The amount of work they have been able to do in just three short weeks is inspiring."

This is yet another example of how the movement against sexual assault and for equality only continues to grow. It has been swiftly gaining momentum following the Women's March and throughout an award season that has given an amplified voice to issues like these that impact people on a global scale.

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