A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Sets of Wes Anderson's Latest Film

Budapest Hotel Sets Domaine 3 Over here at Domaine, we're big fans of Wes Anderson.  So naturally we were thrilled to see this piece from Dwell on the production design of Anderson's highly anticipated feature opening today, Grand Budapest Hotel. The film's production designer, Adam Stockhausen, gives readers the inside scoop on the sets, the period décor details, and even the choice of color palette. Budapest Hotel Sets Domaine2 Taking inspiration from the world's great hotels, Stockhausen converted an abandoned department store into the Grand Budapest, using stunning textiles, period lighting, saturated colors, and murals. "We sourced locally from Eastern Germany, and reached farther afield," Stockhausen says when referring to the hotel's antique and vintage furnishings. "We were pulling in from Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Prague, even London, anywhere we could." Budapest Hotel Sets Domaine 4 Stockhausen had worked with Anderson previously on Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Limited, both visually stunning, so we have nothing but the highest expectations for this latest piece. Buapest Hotel Sets Domaine 1 To read more about the production design of Grand Budapest Hotel, head to Dwell. Photographs: Courtesy of Dwell