8 Grape Recipes to Help Console Yourself About the End of Tomato Season

Grape recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Not to state the obvious, but summer is over. While it's undoubtedly hard to say goodbye to the balmy nights, the bottles of crisp rosé, and the buzzy beach reads that are synonymous with the season, it's even harder to part with summer's produce. Particularly tomatoes. Perfectly ripe, juicy, vibrant tomatoes.

If you're also in denial about tomato season coming to an end, let these grape recipes inspire you to embrace the sweet fruits of fall instead.

Spanning a one-pan meal brimming with autumnal flavors to a simple appetizer you'll want to make every night, these dishes will convince you to grab a cast-iron skillet, pre-heat your oven, and don your coziest sweater.

Ready to bid summer farewell and lean into autumn? Keep scrolling for eight seasonal recipes starring fall's finest fresh fruit—grapes.

Braised Chicken Escabèche With Roasted Apples and Grapes

Grape recipes: braised chicken with roasted apples and grapes
Half Baked Harvest

The Supporting Ingredient: The apples. When roasted, the sweet fall fruit releases its juices and bursts with autumnal flavor. 

The Pro Tip: The sauce is comprised of three key ingredients, white wine, apple cider vinegar, and apple vinegar, which lend this dish its sweet, tangy flavor, notes recipe creator Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest.

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Baked Brie With Grape Chutney

Grape recipes: baked brie with grape chutney
Playful Cooking

The Recipe to Try: Baked Brie With Grape Chutney

The Supporting Ingredient: The baked brie. Silky and creamy, it's the perfect cheese to pair with a spicy grape chutney.

The Pro Tip: Chutney is best enjoyed fresh, notes recipe creator Kankana of Playful Cooking, so she suggests making the dish in small batches for optimal results.

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Cider Roasted Chicken With Goat Cheese and Grapes

Grape recipes: cider roasted chicken with goat cheese and grapes
Half Baked Harvest

The Supporting Ingredient: The reduced apple cider sauce given the chicken that golden, mouthwateringly crispy skin.

The Pro Tip: Stuff the goat cheese under the skin of the chicken before roasting, advises recipe creator Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest. (Don't worry, this step isn't nearly as intimidating as it sounds.)

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Cheese Board With Prosciutto, Olives, and Grapes

Grape recipes: cheese board with prosciutto, olives, and grapes
Broma Bakery

The Supporting Ingredient: The prosciutto. The salty, cured meat offers a palate-pleasing contrast to the sweet, juicy grapes.

The Pro Tip: "You can make world-class cheese board in about 10 minutes; minimal effort required," promises recipe creator Sarah of Minimalist Baker.

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Thyme Roasted Chicken With Grapes and Burrata

Grape recipes: thyme roasted chicken with grapes and burrata
Half Baked Harvest

The Supporting Ingredient: The fresh, creamy burrata balances out the rich, sweet flavor of the roasted grapes and the earthy, aromatic herbs.

The Pro Tip: The secret to keeping the chicken moist is braising it in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and chicken broth, notes recipe creator Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest.

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Pomegranate Roasted Grape and Blue Cheese Bruschetta

Grape recipes: pomegranate roasted grape & blue cheese bruschetta
Stuck in the Kitchen

The Supporting Ingredient: The blue cheese. Flavorful, creamy, and salty, it's wonderful when paired with sweet roasted grapes.

The Pro Tip: Top with sliced figs and peppery arugula before serving, suggests recipe creator Sarah of Stuck in the Kitchen.

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Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad

Grape recipes: grilled chicken waldorf salad
The Modern Proper

The Recipe to Try: Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad

The Supporting Ingredient: The candied walnuts lend a sweet and satisfying crunch to this updated take on a traditional Waldorf salad.

The Pro Tip: Whip up your own salad dressing rather than reaching for the store-bought variety, recommends recipe creator Natalie of The Modern Proper. This recipe only calls for only seven ingredients.

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Stovetop Chicken With Red Wine, Grapes, and Caramelized Onions

Grape recipes: stovetop chicken with red wine, grapes, and caramelized onions
Playful Cooking

The Supporting Ingredient: The caramelized onions take this dish to the next level. While they require a bit of time to make, they're well worth the extra effort.

The Pro Tip: Allow the chicken to marinate overnight seasoned with paprika, salt, pepper, and a few grated garlic cloves to maximize flavor, suggests recipe creator Kankana of Playful Cooking.

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This story was originally published on September 11, 2015, and has since been updated.

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