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27 Beautiful Gray and White Bedrooms That We're Obsessing Over

white and gray bedroom

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson

Gray and white might not seem like the most exciting color combination, but it's undeniably sophisticated. Take, for instance, these striking gray and white living rooms, these breath-taking kitchens, and these edgy bathrooms. For those who favor a minimalist approach to design, the pared-back palette provides the perfect base for an understated space—particularly a bedroom.

If you prefer a neutral color scheme, the minimalist combination also offers a welcome, toned-down alternative to a high-contrast black and white bedroom. Ahead, we've rounded up 27 beautiful gray and white bedrooms that are proof these neutral shades are the epitome of understated elegance. Intrigued? Get inspired to go grayscale by the gray and white bedrooms below.

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Bring in Black

gray and white bedroom

Design: Emily Henderson/Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

This gray and white bedroom, designed by Emily Henderson, is the epitome of understated elegance. Sleek black pieces (namely, the four-poster bed, the vintage side table, and the graphic artwork) are interspersed throughout the gray and white bedroom, lending a bold, sophisticated air to the space.

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Lighten Things Up

gray and white bedroom

Alvin Wayne

Gray and white have the potential to create subtle contrast, but there are other ways to layer onto that idea. This bedroom, designed by Alvin Wayne, boasts a neon sign over the headboard to add a small dose of radiance, while the set of black framed mirrors flanking each side of the bed also adds some extra light into the space. The result makes a smaller bedroom feel more expansive.

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Accent With Navy

gray and white bedroom

Becca Interiors

Gray and white are a set that can be used in a wide variety of styles from modern to rustic farmhouse—like this bedroom designed by Becca Interiors. The gray headboard and striped white and beige bed set have a charming flair to them, but rather than keeping the entire room to those shades, the bedside dresser is muted shade of navy. The color gives the space a little pop of color without detracting from the rest of the color scheme.

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Pair Painted Brick With Graphic Art

gray and white bedroom

Becca Interiors

For a modern take on the color duo, pair painted white brick walls with a black and white graphic art portrait. This loft space from Becca Interiors gives big city vibes while keeping to a neutral color scheme with a pale gray head headboard and pillows adding some additional contrast to the white bedding.

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Opt for White Borders

gray and white bedroom

Britt Design Studio

One unique yet subtle way to bring white and gray together in a bedroom is by using one of the colors in an unexpected place, like the white borders used here. This bedroom from Britt Design Studio balances pale grays with bright whites, yet your eyes can't help but gravitate upwards. The white border strips accentuate the shape of the ceiling and add contrast.

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Throw Tan in The Mix

gray and white bedroom open windows

Brophy Interiors

With both being neutral shades, a gray and white color scheme can easily benefit from having light tans thrown into the mix. This bedroom designed by Brophy Interiors proves this—the white walls and bedding make up the majority of the space, with subtle accents of grays popping up in the pillows. Adding a textured tan throw onto the bed steps the color palette up a bit.

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Add a Small Pop of Color

gray and white bedroom with orange circle on wall

Brophy Interiors

This gray and white modern bedroom from Brophy Interiors does an incredible job of taking a gray and white color scheme and adding a pop of color. While the rest of the room stays entirely in neutral shades, the orange statement piece on the wall adds some warmth without overpowering the rest of the room.

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Add Dimension With Drapes

gray and white bedroom

Cathie Hong

Allow Cathie Hong to make a compelling case for installing curtains, stat. Boasting a soft, creme shade, these linen drapes allow natural light to filter into the space, but they also add some much-needed dimension to a room decorated almost exclusively in gray and white tones. Keeping the white tones on the walls and gray on the ground helps the space feel even more expansive.

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Don't Forget, Less is More

gray and white minimal

Corner House Creatives

In a space with stunning architectural details, less is more—and this minimal bedroom designed by Corner House Creatives is proof. Relaxed gray linen bedding complements, rather than detracts from, the space's beautiful textured walls and neutral scheme. A simple burlap tapestry hanging above the bed completes the look.

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Don't Forget Darker Shades

dark charcoal gray and white bedroom

D Burns Interiors

Thus far, we've spilled a lot of ink on soft and mid-tone shades of gray, but we'd be remiss if we overlooked shades from the darker end of the spectrum. Which leads us to this bedroom designed by D Burns Interiors, making a compelling case for charcoal gray. Here, the hue creates stark contrast as an accent wall yet doesn't make the place feel stuffy or closed off.

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Accent With Olive

gray and white bedroom

Design by Ajai Guyot for EHD/Photographer: Ellie Lillstrom

As interior designer Ajai Guyot's bedroom for Emily Henderson Design demonstrates, olive pairs especially well with cool mid-tone grays and whites. Here, Guyot pairs an olive-hued wood panel lower half of the wall with delicate floral wallpaper for the upper part of the wall for a chic gray and white bedroom that's making us green with envy.

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Layer Tonal Textures

lit up boho gray and white bedroom

Herzen Stimme

Gain inspiration from this bedroom designed by Herzen Stimme and layer tonal textures to curate a neutral space that's far from boring. gray linen bedding, a chunky knit white throw, pleated white curtain canopy over the bed, glowing string lights, and warm wood floors and furnishings fill the neutral space with texture-rich details.

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Keep The Grays Light

gray and white bedroom with corner gallery wall

Home and Spirit

If you don't look too closely, you might be tempted to think this is an all-white bedroom. However, take a closer look at this space by Home and Spirit, and you'll notice the bedspread and pillows are the ever so softest shade of pale gray. For those who like the idea of a primarily white space, this pairing is an ideal solution.

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Forego White Walls

gray and white bedroom zebra headboard

House 9 Interiors

Take style notes from House 9 Interiors and paint walls a cool, blue-gray shade. Gray imbued with the slightest touch of blue creates a certain depth that white paint simply can't, making it ideal for pairing with shades of olive, charcoal, and even black. Additionally, the zebra print headboard proves a gray and white room doesn't have to be devoid of playfulness or patterns.

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Try a Rustic Theme

gray and white bedroom

House 9 Interiors

A rustic theme in a bedroom can benefit from a gray and white color scheme—just look at this bedroom from House 9 Interiors for proof. The white walls and plush gray headboard make up the foundation, but the work wood and wicker accents create a cozy space that adds some serious dimension.

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Make White The Accent

gray and white bedroom chandelier

JK Interior Living

Given how prevalent white tends to be in home dećor spaces, it can feel tempting to make it the backdrop with other colors serving as accents. In this bedroom designed by JK Interior Living, white serves as the accent color on the bedding and the lampshade, yet the rest of the room is cloaked in hues of smoke, greige, cloudy and medium-toned grays.

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Opt For a Statement Piece

gray and white bedroom

JK Interior Living

In this neutral bedroom designed by JK Interior Living, a chic, tufted upholstered headboard in a soft white makes a strong impact. However, it's the metallic, elegant chandelier that really takes center stage here. The added colorful mural on the ceiling helps accentuate the statement lighting, and with a pared-back color palette, it feels at once on-trend and timeless.

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Embrace Griege

gray and white

Katie Hodges Design

The perfect balance between cool gray and warm white, greige is a powerful neutral that pairs well with almost any other color and, depending on the shade, fits nearly any design style. Case in point: This bedroom designed by Katie Hodges Design, complete with a greige bed frame and accents. It truly gives a best of both hues vibe.

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Add Gray Furniture

gray and white bedroom

Kate Marker Interiors

While the bedroom may be a place to sleep, that doesn't mean you can't add some extra options if you have the space. Adding gray furniture to a mostly white room can help ground the space and add complexity. This bedroom by Kate Marker Interiors is a perfect example, with the gray couch and accent chair balancing out the beige bedding and high ceiling white walls.

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Go For a Classic Look

gray and white bedroom

Kate Marker Interiors

Prefer to stick to a classic style for your bedroom? Kate Marker Interiors proves with this bedroom that a gray and white color palette suits the style nicely. The carved four-poster ned, elegant chandelier, and rustic gray bedside table all contribute to a theme that feels as though you've been whisked back in time in the best way.

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Lean Into an Atmospheric Palette

gray and white bedroom with a view

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Leave it to Kendall Wilkinson Design to make a simple gray and white palette look downright chic. In this spacious bedroom, the designer outfitted the bed with soft gray and warm white linens that perfectly complement the space's flooring and wooden ceiling. The open windows allow plenty of light to flood the room, giving the light colors a chance to bask in the glow.

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Try a Geometric Approach

gray and white abstract bedroom

Kate Marker Interiors

If you're working with a teenager's room, don't worry—white and gray works here, too. Kate Marker once again proves the versatility of the color duo in this space that boasts sleek lines and modern accents. The white wall with gray triangular lines creating various shapes adds some fun to an otherwise simple palette.

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Use Dark Hues in Small Spaces

gray and white modern bedroom

LeClair Decor

Leave it to LeClair Decor to dispel the myth that decorating with dark hues will make a small space feel even smaller. Here, a charcoal bed frame with a tall headboard actually draws the eye up, making the small space feel larger. The set of throw pillows boasting vertical gray and white stripes helps add to the elongating illusion.

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Break Up Beige

gray and white bedroom

LeClair Decor

This bedroom, designed by LeClair Decor, is a lesson in decorating with gray to amp up a neutral palette. In a space dominated by shades of taupe, oatmeal, and cream, a mid-tone shade of gray acts as an accent hue, breaking up the beige and lending contemporary flair to the modern bedroom.

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Go All Out With Gray

gray and white bedroom

Mary Patton Design

This bedroom designed by Mary Patton is proof that you can go all out on gray with striking results. The walls, built-ins, upholstered headboard, and even the carpet are deliberately covered in the cloudy hue. The white bedding really makes a statement here, along with the white and gold accent walls that peek through the shelving units of the built-ins. The result is a monochromatic masterpiece.

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Opt for a Gray Rug

gray and white bedroom

Liljencrantz Design

If your goal is to try and keep the gray and white color palette on the walls, floor, and ceiling, then consider adding a gray rug to your floor. While it's fairly simple to paint your walls and ceiling, a rug can help transform your floor and bring cohesion to the rest of the room. Liljencrantz Design proves this point here by incorporating a large gray rug to cover most of the wooden floor—keeping things gray from head to toe.

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Add Depth With Accents

gray and white bedroom

Lindsey Brooke Design

Here, Lindsey Brooke Design demonstrates the power of gray as an accent hue. In this bedroom, a decorative gray nightstand pops out among crip white linens and furnishings. A gray loveseat against the wall also captures your attention against the white wall. Finally, the gray and white pattern rug adds another layer of dimension and color to the neutral space.

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