17 Beautiful Gray and White Bedrooms That We're Obsessing Over

white and gray bedroom

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson

Gray and white might not seem like the most exciting color combination, but it's undeniably sophisticated. Take, for instance, these striking gray and white living rooms, these breath-taking kitchens, and these edgy bathrooms. For those who favor a minimalist approach to design, the pared-back palette provides the perfect base for an understated space—particularly a bedroom.

If you prefer a neutral color scheme, the minimalist combination also offers a welcome, toned-down alternative to a high-contrast black and white bedroom. Ahead, we've rounded up 17 beautiful gray and white bedrooms that are proof these neutral shades are the epitome of understated elegance. Intrigued? Get inspired to go grayscale by the gray and white bedrooms below.

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Opt for a Statement Piece

In this neutral bedroom designed by Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors, a chic, channel-tufted headboard in heather gray takes center stage. When paired with a contemporary pendant, complementary sconces, and a pared-back color palette, it feels at once on-trend and timeless.

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Accent With Olive

As interior designer Brady Tolbert's bedroom demonstrates, olive pairs especially well with cool mid-tone grays and warm whites. Here, Tolbert pairs an olive-hued velvet headboard (that he made himself) with a foggy gray quilt and white linens for a chic gray and white bedroom that's making us green with envy.

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Layer Tonal Textures

Gain inspiration from this bedroom designed by Emily Henderson and layer tonal textures to curate a neutral space that's far from boring. Gray linen bedding, indigo and cream boucle rug, pleated white curtains, matte black fixtures, and warm wood floors and furnishings fill the neutral space with texture-rich details.

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Choose Concrete Fixtures

In this gray and white bedroom designed by Emma Crowther Goodwin for The Surfrider Hotel Malibu, concrete pendants flank the bed, lending a rich layer of texture to the neutral space. Gray linen bedding, flax curtains, and natural wood furnishings further add to the room's relaxed, lived-in aesthetic.

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Forgo White Walls

Take style notes from Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors and paint walls a cool, blue-gray shade. Gray imbued with the slightest touch of blue creates a certain depth that white paint simply can't, making it ideal for pairing with shades of olive, charcoal, and black, as Pickens does here.

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Remember, Less Is More

In a space with stunning architectural details, less is more—and this neutral bedroom designed by Leanne Ford is proof. Relaxed gray and white linen bedding complements, rather than detracts from, the space's beautiful vaulted ceilings and wood-framed doors. A simply framed black-and-white print completes the look.

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Break up Beige

This bedroom, designed by Studio Life/Style, is a lesson in decorating with gray to amp up a neutral palette. In a space dominated by shades of taupe, oatmeal, and cream, a mid-tone shade of gray acts as an accent hue, breaking up the beige and lending contemporary flair to an otherwise traditional bedroom.

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Add Depth With Accents

Here, Studio Life/Style yet again demonstrates the power of gray as an accent hue. In this bedroom, a decorative gray-blue pillow stands out among crip white linens and wood furnishings. A white throw with complementary gray-blue detailing lies at the foot of the bed, adding another layer of dimension and color to the neutral space.

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Lean Into an Atmospheric Palette

Leave it to Leanne Ford to make a simple gray and white palette look downright chic. In this rustic bedroom, the designer outfitted the bed with soft gray and warm white linens that perfectly complement the space's stone flooring and charmingly chipped and faded white-washed, wood-paneled walls.

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Add Dimension With Drapes

Allow Shea McGee of Studio McGee to make a compelling case for installing gray curtains, stat. Boasting a soft, gray-blue shade, these linen drapes allow natural light to filter into the space, but they also add some much-needed dimension to a room decorated almost exclusively in gray and white tones.

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Incorporate Natural Materials

Although this marble bed frame might look like a high-end find, it's actually a surprisingly easy DIY project, discloses designer Leanne Ford in the caption of the above Instagram post. Made using gray-and-white veined marble laminate, this chic platform bed frame only looks expensive.

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Ditch Stark White Walls

To no one's surprise, Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon's bedroom is swoon-worthy. Complete with soft, blue-gray walls, linen bedding in a complementary shade, and a rust-hued upholstered antique ottoman at the foot of the bed for some much-needed contrast, the result is a downright dreamy space.

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Don't Forget Darker Shades

Thus far, we've spilled a lot of ink on soft and mid-tone shades of gray, but we'd be remiss if we overlooked shades from the darker end of the spectrum. Which leads us to this bedroom designed by Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors makes a compelling case for charcoal gray. Here, the hue softens an otherwise stark black and white palette.

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Embrace Greige

The perfect balance between cool gray and warm white, greige is a powerful neutral that pairs well with almost any other color and, depending on the shade, fits nearly any design style. Case in point: This bedroom designed by Shea McGee of Studio McGee, complete with a greige bed frame, greige walls, and greige accents.

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Decorate With Dark Hues in Small Spaces

Leave it to Shea McGee of Studio McGee to dispel the myth that decorating with dark hues will make a small space feel even smaller. Here, a charcoal bed frame with a tall headboard actually draws the eye up, making the small space feel larger. A duvet boasting vertical gray and white stripes helps add to the elongating illusion.

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Incorporate Emerald Green

Gray typically pairs well with strong jewel tones such as emerald green. But don't just take our word for it; take a look at this gray and white bedroom designed by Emily Henderson. Punctuated with emerald green accents (the velvet bed frame, the quilted throw, the decorative pillow), this bedroom is definitive proof that the pairing works.

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Bring in Black

This gray and white bedroom, designed by Emily Henderson, is the epitome of understated elegance. Sleek black pieces (namely, the four-poster bed, the vintage side table, and the graphic artwork) are interspersed throughout the gray and white bedroom, lending a bold, sophisticated air to the space.

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