Calling It—This "Boring" Hue Is the Next Big Bedroom Color Trend

It’s no secret that gray is having its moment. Often overlooked for its place in the gradient of neutrals, this soothing color holds a lot more personality than we give it credit for—and it plays well with others. We’re seeing it everywhere as design-lovers integrate it into their homes at a rapid pace. In the event you too are struck by this silver-lining trend, look no further, as we have the 10 tips you haven’t heard before when it comes to decorating a gray bedroom.

If you’re on the fence about going full smoke-show in your bedroom, note that Benjamin Moore chose Metropolitan AF-690, a soothing soft tone gray, as their color of the year for 2019. Maybe it’s the frenetic pace of our daily lives that are driving us to turn in early with a good flick and seek sanctuary in a soothing dove gray room. Or it might be that Scandinavian style has had deeper inception into our design habits than we originally thought. Regardless, we're all for this monochromatic moment, and it's anything but boring.

Gray bedroom ideas—Erika Woelfel, Behr
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Homepolish

Tip One: Contemplate Colors

It’s very important to do some homework before you invest in gallons of paint. “Consider your home’s position in relation to the sun, as it will drastically impact how the gray tone appears on your wall,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of Color and Creative Services at Behr. Colors are complex and each shade has its own personality complete with undertones such as brown, beige, pink, blue, yellow—which can completely change the feel of a room.

Tip Two: Find Your Perfect Match

So you’ve set your mind to a gray bedroom the second step is to head to the paint store for swatches. You may think you know what shade is right for you but as in tip one, it’s actually the bedroom that will be making the final call. Hannah Yeo, color and design expert at Benjamin Moore advises you to place those swatches on the wall and monitor. “View the color throughout the day as the daylight can dramatically impact the final result," she says.

Behr Whitewash Oak
Behr Whitewash Oak
Benjamin Moore Wish AF-680
Benjamin Moore Wish AF-680 $37
Gray bedroom ideas—Fantastic Frank
Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

Tip Three: Test the Temps

Picking a color will be dictated by your intended outcome and preference towards the overall mood of your bedroom. Ask yourself if this is to be your sanctuary of peace and quiet or a contemporary cuddle puddle. Hannah Yeo tells us that warm grays such as Benjamin Moore’s Wish AF-680 leave a warm and cozy effect while cool grays such as Wickham Gray HC-171 can feel fresh and calm.

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray
Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray $37
Gray bedroom ideas—Benjamin Moore
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Tip Four: Get Your Surfaces Covered

Go gray from top to bottom by maximizing the impact of your chosen paint color with monochromatic flooring. Opt for an ashy wood paneling or a steel-hued rug to tie in the look. Further, “Pulling in hues from other room elements like your favorite piece of art or rug will create a cohesive look and add dimension to keep the room from feeling too uniform,” says Woelfel.

Serena & Lily Seaview Rug
Serena & Lily Seaview Rug, 8' x 10' $798
Gray bedroom ideas—Abbe Fenimore, Hannah Yeo
Courtesy of Monica Wang Photography

Tip Five: Think Outside the Gradient

Don’t shy away from incorporating complementing colors. Designer Abbe Fenimore inspires us to think outside the fifty shades of gray when polishing off the look. She recommends sophisticated accents such as navy, lavender, and even yellow.

Tip Six: Make it Work for You

If you bore easily, choose a paint that shifts with the light—the aforementioned Metropolitan AF-690 is not one to be overlooked. “This comforting and composed mid-tone gray can shine with light for a glamorous room, or it can gracefully fade in the background, leaving nothing but a comforting ambiance,” says Yeo. It wasn’t color of the year for nothing.

Serena & Lily Monetcito Pillow Cover
Serena & Lily Monetcito Pillow Cover, 24" $128
Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Af-690
Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Af-690 $37
Grey Bedroom ideas—Abbe Fenimore
courtesy of Tali Roth

Tip Seven: Fear Not Heavy Metals

Taking the look to another level Fenimore turns to metallics. Sleek metal accents and textural elements on pillows or accent benches are her secret weapons. Source silver or chrome light fixtures, frames, or furniture with metal finishes to tie it all in.

World Market Antique Zinc Floating Ledge Wall shelf
World Market Antique Zinc Floating Ledge Wall Shelf $30 - $35
Gray bedroom ideas—Hannah Yeo
courtesy of Fantastic Frank

Tip Eight: Just Add Cream

If you’ve gone for deep and moody shades, anchor those pebble-tones with neutrals. If your paint leans more towards a purple shade of gray, like Silhouette AF-655 by Benjamin Moore, Yeo suggests balancing the room with lighter colors such as off-white and creams. This combo will instantly elevate any space.

Simple & Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set Embroidery Linen
Simple & Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set Embroidery Linen, King $144
Gray bedroom ideas—Tali Roth
Courtesy of Tali Roth

Tip Nine: Play with Textures

Go for a modern statement by mixing textures. If this is your style, Yeo recommends layering satin and matte surfaces that will give your bedroom the illusion of depth. “Pulling in hues from other room elements like your favorite piece of art or rug will create a cohesive look and add dimension to keep the room from feeling too uniform,” she says. Velvet and satin fabrics flatter a matte paint job elegantly.

Tip Ten: Play with Dark and Light

Delve into darker hues like charcoal for a stylized dreamscape. Woelfel notes you can nail this look by adding unexpected design details like natural wood tones, leather furniture, or a colorful accent wall to balance the depth.

Benjamin Moore Silhouette AF-655
Benjamin Moore Silhouette AF-655 $37
Farrow & Ball Railings
Farrow & Ball Railings $110

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