Before and After: See Gray Malin's Coastal-Inspired Home Makeover

There's no doubt Gray Malin has an eye for detail and composition—his iconic aerial photographs of the coast are a testament to his skill—but when it came to redecorating his kitchen and dining space, the artist was at a loss. Malin called on Homepolish West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria for some expert advice, and the results are absolutely stunning.

While most of Malin's West Hollywood home is picture perfect, he admits that he and husband Jess Richardson left the kitchen and dining area to last after expending their funds on other parts of the house. "To me, a house is like a great cake: It takes many layers of time-intensive preparation to present a beautiful final result that feels warm, inviting, and, most importantly, a reflection of your personal style," he told Architectural Digest.

With a mere matter of months until Malin hosts his family for Thanksgiving, he turned to Soria to update the area and make it guest-ready. Take a look at the before and after images, and find out how to re-create his sophisticated nautical style at home.