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15 Chic Ways to Decorate With Gray in a Nursery

Nursery with raccoon wallpaper

Liberty Interiors

Decorating a nursery can be overwhelming. You need to ensure everything is in place for your baby once they arrive, and it can be easy to fall down a rabbit hole of trying to plan the perfect nursery. And with so many themes out there, how can you pick one?

The gender-neutral nursery is super popular right now, but gray is a slightly unexpected choice. We love decorating with gray because it's a versatile neutral that can take on so many different undertones depending on the light and accent colors. You can use gray as a base for basically any nursery theme, but it works wonderfully if you are searching for a nursery design that's simple, sophisticated but not boring.

There's a full spectrum of gray shades out there—and so many ways you can incorporate it into your baby's nursery. Continue on for some of our favorite ways of using this color to welcome your new addition home.

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Paint a Mural

Gray bedroom with black accent

The Mindful Haven

Black and white is a classic combo, but it can sometimes feel a little stark and jarring, especially in a baby's room. Instead, lower the contrast and pair a cool gray with black. We love this chic take on a rainbow to fill up the wall and create an instant accent wall.

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Vary the Shades of Gray

Gray nursery

Emily Brooke West

When used incorrectly, gray can feel a little sterile and one-dimensional. To add depth to your nursery, pair a couple shades of gray together to create a multi-faceted color palette. We love a light gray paired with rich charcoal to add some visual interest to the space.

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Keep it Warm

Wallpaper and gray nursery

Brett Buratt

You always want to test your shade of paint in the room before you start painting. Depending on the level of natural light in your nursery, you may want to opt for a much warmer gray that feels cozy and welcoming.

Look for gray paint with yellow or beige undertones and pair with muted colors for a soft, inviting look.

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Pull in Natural Accents

Gray and wood nursery

Soli GoRo

Another way to avoid a stark, sterile feeling gray is to pair it with warm natural pieces. Whether you decorate with indoor wicker furniture or you focus on hanging a few natural wood shelves, a natural material will help ensure your gray walls are homey and soft.

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Try Modern Farmhouse

Rustic gray nursery

Our Sanguine Home

Modern farmhouse is a super relaxed and cozy decor style and so it works perfectly in a gender-neutral nursery. A gray or griege is a great color choice for a rustic, country-inspired nursery that feels soft around the edges but still packs a lot of personality into a small space.

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Embrace Scandi Style

Soft gray nursery

Laura May & Rosie Rae

Simple, neutral Scandinavian-inspired nurseries are popular right now because they are cute and versatile. But, an overly white or minimalistic nursery can feel a little bland. Instead of sticking to a white color palette, pull in cool grays to give the room depth and warmth without losing that simple, cozy vibe.

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Add Feminine Touches

Gray girls nursery

Victoria Bell Design

Add soft feminine touches or more masculine accents if you're looking for a gender-specific nursery. Gray is a great choice for any child's room because it can easily adapt to their taste as they grow up.

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Add in Some Color

Gray nursery

Stephanie Hoey Interiors

The best thing about a gray nursery? It works as a great canvas for other colors in the space. You can easily layer on a few bright colors such as blue or pink for a touch of vibrancy.

Though gray is a super versatile neutral, try to pick accent colors with similar undertones so the room feels cohesive.

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Add Reflection

Gray nursery with reflective stickers

Lisa Aportela Asenjo

Decorating a nursery wall with removable stickers can allow you to add personality to the space in a very simple way. We love these metallic, reflective stickers that bring in more natural light and add a touch of extra texture.

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Go Moody and Dark

Dark charcoal gray nursery

The Crown Prints

Don't be afraid to go dark in your nursery. A moody paint color such as deep charcoal is a great way to decorate a modern nursery. If you opt for a rich, dark color, be sure to pair it with a few other light accent colors to ensure the room doesn't feel too dark or dreary.

Here, white and light pink help offset the richness of the deep charcoal walls.

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Hang Wallpaper

gray wallpaper in nursery

Life At Number 6

Wallpaper can help transform any room in your house, but we love it in a nursery. A sweet animal-themed wallpaper can give your nursery that warm touch, but picking a neutral colored one is a great way to ensure your nursery can grow with your baby and won't feel too childish in a few years.

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Design an Accent Wall

Gray nursery

Molly Awatling

If you're handy, installing an accent wall is a great way to add visual interest to a small nursery. Pick a simple, soft medium gray so the wall stands out but doesn't overtake the rest of the room.

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Pull in Beige

Light beige and gray nursery

Project Ivel

Off-white or beige works well as an accent to gray because it ensures the nursery is warm and soft. The gray keeps the room light and airy, while the warm undertones of the beige ground the space and work well if you want to pull in a few brighter colors such as yellow or orange.

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Weave Gray Throughout the Room

Wallpaper with raccoons

Liberty Interiors

As long as you have a few warmer pieces in the space, don't be afraid to pull the gray theme throughout the room. From storage to the rug to the walls, sticking with a unified color palette will give your nursery cohesive look and feel purposeful.

An all-gray nursery is fine, but just be sure to incorporate a few natural materials or warm colors to avoid a stark space.

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Add Some Greenery

Nursery with warm gray paint

LPD Studio

If you are worried about your gray nursery feeling a little bleak, consider adding an air-purifying plant to your nursery. Not only can this help clean the air, but it also adds a pop of natural color that works wonderfully with gray. Just be sure to always pick baby-safe plants.