This Cozy Sofa Style Was Made for Watching Netflix


Courtesy of CB2

Think about the sofas that are trending these days—you may picture a curved sofa, possibly in a jewel tone velvet fabric. Statement sofas have been all the rage of late. But despite the fact that they look ridiculously good, they can also be impractical if you're looking for a sturdy piece to last you decades and through multiple apartments or homes. Here's another option that will definitely stand the test of time: the gray sectional sofa. Hear us out.

If you can fit one into your space, sectional sofas are great—especially modular ones that can adapt to your space and grow with you as you move. The gray hue is neutral enough to work through multiple décor iterations as you evolve from midcentury to Scandinavian and beyond. And, unlike gorgeous white sofas, they are easier to maintain and keep clean—especially if you pick a darker hue or a subtle pattern like a pinstripe. Convinced? We selected a few of our favorite gray sectional sofas to help you pick the perfect one for you.

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