5 Great Gift Ideas for First Dates

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Perhaps no truer reminder has ever been uttered, especially when it comes to how you conduct yourself on a first date. Sure, you should be on your best behavior, but if you're looking to really charm someone with your thoughtfulness, quick wit, and generosity right out of the gate, then consider bringing along a memorable gift.

But in lieu of the antiquated, 1950's-era route of candy or flowers, opt for one of these five inexpensive, amusing, and slightly flirty souvenirs that put out healthy first-date vibes like, "I think you'll get a kick out of this," as opposed to, "Woah, this wacko's really over-the-top."

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mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

mBerry Miracle Fruit tablets.

For singles worried they won't have anything to share on a first date, tear open a package of these tablets: They temporarily trick your tongue and turn sour foods sweet (aka, a flavor trip). Let one tablet dissolve on the tongue and get ready to embark on a strange and silly new taste adventure.

Just make sure you both don't overdose on savory, bitter foods—or you could wind up cutting the date short for all the wrong reasons.

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Astronaut Ice Cream

A package of Astronaut Ice Cream.

Although freeze-dried "astronaut" ice cream is quite a mindblowing invention, the taste of the desert isn't necessarily so. What you're really going for here is the novelty of it all, when instead of actually heading out for a real ice cream treat, you whip out a couple of these badboys instead. Cue the laughs.

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Thinking Putty

Enchanting Unicorn Thinking Putty.

This nontoxic silicone concoction is definitely a step up from the Silly Putty of yesteryear. (Bonus: It'll never dry out, either.) Now, you can stretch Thinking Putty far further, bounce it way higher, and twist and turn it much easier than you did as a kid—and the myriad of colors and types to choose from (think: scented, glittery, iridescent, magnetic, and light-sensitive) ensures you two will be playing, laughing, and horsing around in no time. And if things get tense, offer it up as a cute stress-reliever.

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Table Topics

Table Topics What Would You Do questions.

Here's an inventive way of playing 20 Questions with someone you've just met, especially if you're a bit shy and have a hard time getting the ball rolling. It'll be interesting to gauge your date's moral fiber when posed with questions that include, "Have you ever pretended you were sick to get out of something?" So if they've suddenly fallen ill when it comes time for date number two, you'll know why.

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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes card game.

Play this fast, easy trivia game while you're having drinks or waiting for a table, and things might just get a little spicy: It's designed to test how well the both of you know the opposite sex (though this one's not for same-sex couples, feel free to get creative) when it comes to dating, mating, and relating.

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