You'll Never Make Traditional Cheesecake Again, Thanks to This Recipe

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Photo: The Kitchy Kitchen

On a recent trip to Toronto, I decided to drop into the best Greek spot in town. There, I tried the perfect cheesecake. It was nothing like the familiar classic New York variety, with the usual graham cracker crust and dense texture. No, this was a lighter version, with an airy, fluffy crust. I spent more time than I’d like to admit looking up “Greek shredded wheat” until I discovered kataifi.

Kataifi is a thinly sliced filo dough that spins into golden brown tufts of pure crunch. This was the base of the cheesecake and the source of its perfect light crisp.

When I ventured to make this myself, I based the cheesecake off of an old recipe from the ’50s, filled with far more egg and cream than more contemporary versions. I also, stupidly, baked the filling and crust together, ruining the perfectly crisp crust. You have to bake the two separately to get the amazing contrast of textures. Although it seems a bit labored, I promise it's easy once you separate the two tasks. Keep scrolling to learn how to make this incredible cheesecake for yourself!

What’s your favorite take on this classic dessert?