19 Green Bathrooms Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

green marble bathroom

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp 

In the past, when we dreamed about our perfect bathroom, it was almost always white: pristine, clean, with no product spill in sight. But lately, there’s a different bathroom color that we can’t stop thinking about. We are completely infatuated with green bathrooms. From hunter green to soft, subtle sage tones, it seems like green decor can do no wrong. And in bathrooms, the color seems to do even more, transforming otherwise plain spaces to something you’d expect to find on a home designer’s portfolio.

Whether you live in an apartment with green tiling from the ‘70s or you’re just desperately looking to spruce up your bathroom with new decor, it’s worth it to consider going green. Here, we’ve rounded up 19 of our favorite green bathrooms from the depths of Instagram. Just scroll on through and get inspired to start redecorating.

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All in the (Luxe) Details

Green is one of those colors that exudes luxury, no matter the shade. That’s why we love the idea of pairing green in bathrooms with other luxurious details. Just think: marble counters, brass hardware, midcentury-inspired lamps.  

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Countryside Chic

Far from boring, this bathroom gives us the “summer-English-cottage-in-the-countryside” vibes. Maybe it’s something about the use of the wreaths, or perhaps it’s the framed photo of a very important-looking Englishman. But we’re pretty sure that the space would be amiss without the paneled, rich green walls.

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Put a Hex on It

Typically, when we think of bathroom tiling, it’s your average square or rectangular tiling. But if you’re going to tile in a more unexpected color (such as emerald green), we say think outside the box. Go for a more unexpected shape, like a hexagon, to draw even more attention to the walls.

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Pretty Porcelain

For the apartment renters out there, we feel your pain. Not being able to redo everything in an apartment can be difficult. But instead of shying away from unique pieces (like a green porcelain bathroom sink), lean into the design and embrace the retro ambiance.

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Custom Cabinets

If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box way to incorporate green into an already well-designed bathroom, look no further than your cabinetry. It’s likely that you’re working with white, laminate cabinets.

Give cabinets a fresh coat of green paint to elevate the space (just remember to get a landlord's approval if you’re renting).

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Bright & Busy

So you’re tired of boring bathroom designs? You’re not alone. Try going all out with multiple patterns, decorative floor tiling, and, the pièce de resistance, bright emerald green. Boring bathroom no more. You’ll want to spend all your time surrounded by such bright and exciting design. 

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When Pink Meets Green

One of our favorite color combinations? Pink and green. To avoid a space that borders on watermelon colors, go for a soft blush pink. The soft, relaxing color combo is perfect for anyone who might be looking to spend their me-time in bubble baths or spending a few more minutes on their nightly skincare routine.

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Darken the Space

If you’re the kind of person who wears black every single day of the week, you might be more inclined to surround yourself with dark and dimly lit rooms too. For a deep take on green, choose a paint color that’s as close to black as possible.

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Vintage Vibes

In case you missed it (but we’re sure you haven’t), ‘70s style is majorly back. Give your bathroom a boho makeover complete with retro wood details and textured rugs that effortlessly match green tiling. If you’re missing out on the green tiling, add leafy green plants and a patterned shower curtain.

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Colored Concrete

Most bathrooms incorporate one type of ceramic tiling or another. But if you want a modern take on tiling that ditches the glossy, ceramic look, it’s all about the concrete. Here, the jade green color and lilypad-inspired shape elevates the concrete to a new level of chic.

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Green as a Neutral

Yes, green can totally be a neutral. If you still want to stick to your grays, whites, blacks, and beiges, a great way to inch out of your comfort zone is with a muted tone of green. Surprisingly, it gives off the same warmth as a gray without being too glaringly bright.

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Paper Magic

The stigma around wallpaper is no more — at least now that it’s easy to get the look without the pain of strenuous application and removal. Find a stick-and-peel paper in a green pattern — as subtle or bold as you wish — and remember that you can always (easily) remove it if you want to.

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Ditch the White

If you ask us, we’re over white bathroom fixtures. Why not go for something more exciting — like a hunter green bathtub? It’s a simple way to give the space so much style without extra decor. Not to mention, how much does this make you want to jump on in and take a relaxing bath?

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Solid Geometry

Even if you can’t afford to replace all the tiling in your bathroom (we feel you!), take a note from this bathroom. The sage green color matches so well with the geometric shapes. For a simple take on the trend, go for a DIY art piece — all you have to do is paint a few geometric shapes on canvas for an ultra cool element of decor.

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The Great Outdoors

You didn’t think we would forget about plants, did you? For a sophisticated take on greenery in a bathroom, match leafy wallpaper or real plants with otherwise cosmopolitan decor.

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Green on Green

Why limit yourself to just one piece of green decor in a bathroom when you can go all out? We love how this room plays off the color of the plants to inspire the tiling and seating. Is there such a thing as too much green?

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Classic Wainscoting

After obsessively watching Chip and Jo for years, we learned a thing or two about southern design style. And besides a good shiplap, we love classic wainscoting. It gives any room a refined look, especially in a rich, colorful shade like this deep emerald green.

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50 Shades of Green

While we typically love making one shade of a color the focal point of a room, we can’t stop falling for this design. We love how the room incorporates one warmer shade of green in the wood panelling and several other shades in the leafy wallpaper.

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Mosaic Tiling

It’s not often that we see mosaic tiling in bathrooms, but the use of mosaics lining the tub in this bathroom is borderline genius. We love how the mosaic pattern transitions from the floor, where it’s more neutral in color and design to a bright Emerald City-like green.

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