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20 Green Bathrooms Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

green marble bathroom

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp 

In the past, when we dreamed about our perfect bathroom, it was almost always white: pristine, clean, with no product spill in sight. But lately, there’s a different bathroom color that we can’t stop thinking about.

We are completely infatuated with green bathrooms. From hunter green to soft, subtle sage tones, it seems like green decor can do no wrong. And in bathrooms, the color seems to do even more, transforming otherwise plain spaces to something you’d expect to find on a home designer’s portfolio.

Whether you live in an apartment with green tiling from the ‘70s or you’re just desperately looking to spruce up your bathroom with new decor, it’s worth it to consider going green. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite green bathrooms. Just scroll on through and get inspired to start redecorating.

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Add a Plant


Katherine Carter

Worried about bold color overtaking your space? Fear not. You can incorporate green into your bathroom without having to paint your walls or cabinets. "The best way to incorporate green into your bathroom is by literally decorating with a green plant as I did here for Lauren Conrad's Pacific Palisades master bathroom," says Carter. "Be sure to place by a window or natural light source so it gets the love it deserves."

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Try Eclectic Wallpaper

kelly green bathroom wallpaper

Green is one of those colors that just feels exotic, no matter the shade. That’s why we love the idea of adding a Kelly green and black animal printed wallpaper in the bathroom. Add some potted plants and it feels like a little tropical oasis.

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Tile It Up

colors that go with green

Laura Brophy Interiors 

Typically, when we think of bathroom tiling, it’s on the floor and in the shower. But if you’re going to tile in a more unexpected color (such as green), we say think outside the box. Go for a more unexpected place, like on the walls behind your mirror.

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Design Custom Cabinets

colors that go with green

Ashley Clark/sKout

If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box way to incorporate green into an already well-designed bathroom, look no further than your cabinetry. It’s likely that you’re working with white laminate cabinets. The bathroom pictured installed green lockers to add an unexpected design and pop of color to the eclectic space.

Give cabinets a fresh coat of green paint to elevate the space (just remember to get a landlord's approval if you’re renting).

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Darken the Space

Moody powder room with green cabinet and beadboard.

Bria Hammel Interiors

If you’re the kind of person who wears black every single day of the week, you might be more inclined to surround yourself with dark and dimly lit rooms, too. For a deep take on green, choose a paint color that’s as close to black as possible.

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Go Bright and Busy

mint green design ideas

Raili Ca Design

So you’re tired of boring bathroom designs? You’re not alone. Try going all out with a pattern, decorative tiling, and, the pièce de resistance, mint green. Boring bathroom no more. You’ll want to spend all your time surrounded by such a bright and exciting design. 

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Use Green as a Neutral

pale mint green bathroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

Yes, green can totally be neutral. If you still want to stick to your grays, whites, blacks, and beiges, a great way to inch out of your comfort zone is with a muted tone of green. Surprisingly, it gives off the same warmth as a gray without being too glaringly bright.

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Add Green Marble

green marble bathroom

Jules Interiors

Most bathrooms incorporate white porcelain sinks, but if you want a modern take that ditches the glossy look, it’s all about the marble. Here, the deep green color and rectangle shape elevates the sink to a new level of chic. The green ottoman in a matching shade completes the look.

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Mix Pink and Green

green and pink bathroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

One of our favorite color combinations? Pink and green. To avoid a space that borders on watermelon colors, go for soft blush pink. The color combo is perfect for anyone who might be looking to spend their me-time in bubble baths or spending a few more minutes on their nightly skincare routine.

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Go For a Palm Tree Paradise

green palm tree bathroom with white subway tile

Michelle Boudreau Design

Covering your walls with wallpaper is an easy way to transform your bathroom, and what better way to make it feel like an oasis than by covering it in palm trees? We love how Michelle Boudreau extended the tiling from the shower to serve as the backsplash for the vanity. The unique setup gives the bathroom an almost retro vibe.

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Try Playful Pairings

pale green with playful wallpaper bathroom

Studio Peake

Speaking of wallpaper, pairing a playful print with paint can set your bathroom apart in a stunning way. The leopard palm tree wallpaper already makes a huge statement of its own, but the muted green painted borders and vanity really allow the plant life to pop. The solid green also helps to level out the busy print, keeping the space from feeling overwhelming.

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Keep It Simple

dark green bathroom

Tyler Karu Design

With a color like green, you don't have to go overboard. You can choose to keep things sleek and simple, with killer results. This moody shade paired with a rounded edges mirror and a light wood vanity give serious chic vibes without too much effort at all.

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Use Muted Tones

mint green with white subway tile bathroom

Studio Peake

If your goal is to add a splash of color without going too strong, muted tones are a perfect solution. This bathroom sticks with a toned-down seafoam color on the lower half of the wall, paired with simple plant wallpaper in a similar hue. The white subway tile adds a sleek, polished finish—always a classic.

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Wallpaper All The Way Around

palm tree wallpaper powder bath

White Sands

Bring a half-bath to life by covering all the walls with printed wallpaper. While the room may be small, adding a healthy dose of color in a lighter shade—like this mix of palm trees—can still leave a big impression.

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Go For a Chic Feel

classic bathroom with green wainscotting

Whittney Parkinson

Muted greens make an appearance in this bathroom yet again—this time proving the tone works well with polished accents. Green hues have a way of only adding to the glamorous effect that accents such as gold hardware and marble tile give off. Stick to keeping the color on the lower half of the wall, like the wainscotting shown here, to really allow the chic aspects to shine.

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Go Vintage

dark green historical bathroom

Whittney Parkinson

Classic and modern bathrooms aren't the only options when wanting to include green. Vintage bathrooms already make a statement but aren't reserved to neutral tones. Darker greens like emerald or pine are a match made in heaven for this style—the bathroom shown here designed by Whittney Parkinson proves our point.

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Pair Light and Dark Tones

green tree bathroom

Whittney Parkinson

You don't have to stick to only one green hue. Pairing both light and dark greens can create a monochromatic color scheme that is sure to impress anyone—including yourself. Pairing decorative wallpaper on the upper half with a dark paint on the lower can not only help ground the room but ensures a wide range of shades is represented.

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Try Tiling Your Shower

green brick tile shower

Charlie Interior Design

We love a stunning tiled shower—especially when it includes a pop of color. Adding green tile to just the shower can create a distinct focal point that captures your attention. We love how this bathroom by Charlie Interior Design reserves the green hue to only the shower, while opting to keep the rest of the bathroom totally neutral.

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Try Colored Zellige Tiles

green zellige tile bathroom

Brophy Interiors

Zellige tiles add a fresh look to any surface with their imperfect yet striking layout. Colored zellige tiles give an almost mosaic-like appearance, which makes them an ideal fit for a tiled shower or behind a vanity. Choosing light and seafoam greens gives an almost reflective, oceanic quality that feels perfect for a bathroom.

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Use Light Green to Open Things Up

mint green bathroom

D Burns Interiors

If we are going to talk about green, you can't go wrong with mint! A refreshing and revitalizing hue, it's an ideal way to brighten up your bathroom. The light tone allows light to reflect all-around—perfect for small or narrow bathrooms. We love how D Burns interiors opted for mint on the walls, and emerald green rugs for some contrast amongst the white accents.

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