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11 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Design Ideas

Bring a touch of nature to your bedroom.

green bedroom

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

In recent years, blue reigned supreme—from the darkest shades of almost-black navy to the flocks of super-saturated peacock blues that began trending in kitchen cabinets and slowly worked their way up to bedrooms (and eventually ruled the entire roost).

But there’s a new color craze that we can’t seem to get enough of—green bedrooms. From deep emerald shades that capitalize on yesteryear’s favored jewel tones, to muted sages and mints, to Crayola box colors that pack a major style punch, we’re amazed by the sheer range of styles that complement this earthy hue.

Boho and laid-back or elegant and rarified, these verdant bedrooms all seem somehow soothing—just the kind of place we’d want to lay our heads after a long day. And did we mention the potential mood-boosting benefits of this nature-inspired shade? Just one more reason to head to the paint aisle this weekend.

Meet the Expert

Alvin Wayne is an interior designer specializing in modern, luxe, and yet obtainable designs.

Read on for our favorite green bedroom design ideas.

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Incorporate Greenery

green bedroom

Marie Zoumanigui 

Need a quick and easy bedroom update? Try some fresh greenery! "The quickest and easiest way to incorporate green into any space is with plants," Wayne says. "Plant life will add the right touch of green to any space with no work! Just find the right plant for your space, and add one or five."

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Try Blue-Green

Bedroom with blue paint

Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Afraid of green? Opt for a blue-green hue. It creates a serene feeling that's perfect for a bedroom or den and adds color without feeling too bold. Note that blue-green colors can take on either hue, depending on the lighting and colors nearby.

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Add a Pillow

colors that go with green

Blue Copper Design 

The most minimalistic way to add in green? A simple throw pillow. This sage green pillow pairs perfectly with rose, and it adds the right amount of pop to this layered bed.

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Play With Pattern

Green angular bedroom space.

Erin Williamson Design

A patterned headboard and rug add interest to this earthy green room. The branches in a vase add to the natural vibe, while sheer window treatments mute the natural light for a serene effect.

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Change Your Bedding

mint green design ideas

Chelius House of Design

Total bedroom makeover not required. Simply swap your existing bedding with a new green duvet and pillowcases to bring the color in. We're loving this cool mint shade, especially when paired with wood tones.

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Go Matte

green marble

Photo: Nikole Ramsay

For a sophisticated way to incorporate this on-trend color onto your walls, opt for a matte sage green. Complement it with fresh greenery and a green marble nightstand.

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Glam It Up

colors that go with green

 Design: Forbes+Masters

Combining a green velvet headboard with fur accents, black walls, and yellow tones creates an ultra-eclectic, ultra-glam scene. The printed floor packs a punch, too. With all these colors, patterns, and textures, the green almost acts like more of a neutral.

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Think Traditional

Green woodsy bedroom with boy.

Brexton Cole Interiors

From the poster bed to the jewel-toned rug, this room brings in plenty of traditional elements. The half-painted green wall adds to the timeless feel of the room, while still adding in a pop of color.

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Go Boho

mint green design ideas

Michelle Bordeau

Emerald tones pair beautifully with pink and yellow to create a boho-inspired look we can’t get enough of. Tick off another trend box with lots of rattan accents.

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Layer Your Greens

how to decorate with sage green - light green comforter in bedroom

Design: Julie Rose for EHD, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

From the fern green headboard to the sage bedding to the moss potted greenery, there's no end of green tones in this bedroom. The overall look? Layered, thoughtful, and earthy.

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Color Blocking

mint green design ideas

House of Chais

Another smart hack for anyone who’s worried about committing to a full-on wall of green—color blocking. This bedroom mixed mint green with a white top, which creates a light, airy feeling (and it’ll be one less thing to prime and repaint come moving time).