25 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Design Ideas

Bring a touch of nature to your bedroom.

green bedroom

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Last year, blue reigned supreme—from the darkest shades of almost-black navy, to the flocks of super-saturated peacock blues that began trending in kitchen cabients and slowly worked their way up to bedrooms (and eventually ruling the entire roost). But in 2019, there’s a new color craze that we can’t seem to get enough of—green bedrooms. From deep emerald shades that capitalize on yesteryear’s favored jewel tones, to muted sages and mints, to Crayola-box colors that pack a major style punch, we’re amazed by the sheer range of styles that are complemented by this earthy hue.

By turns boho and laid-back, or elegant and rarified, these verdant bedrooms all seem somehow soothing—just the kind of place we’d want to lay our heads after a long day. And did we mention the potential mood-boosting benefits of this nature-inspired shade? Just one more reason to head to the paint aisle this weekend.

Here are our favorite green bedroom design ideas.

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Muted Jungle Vibes

Jungle paradise, party of one—plenty of plants keep this muted sage bedroom from feeling too matchy-matchy in its tone-on-tone green scheme.

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Tons of Texture

This green accent wall hack is nothing short of brilliant. Wood trim creates pattern, depth and texture on this deep forest green wall and lends a modern masculine air to the space.

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The Layered Look

Green queen Maddison Bloom is known for showing off an ever-rotating cast of plush velvet throws and perfectly mussed linen blankets, almost *always* in a palette of earthy greens. Blame it on the mix of fabrics and grey-tinged shades, but the look never gets old.

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Moody Greens

Move over, peacock blues. Emerald has taken over top billing as the new jewel tone we can’t get enough of...and these luxe linen sheets prove that it can look every bit as dramatic and dreamy as last season’s sapphire.

bed threads bedding set
Bed Threads Olive 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set $250
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Modern Greenery

For a decidedly different way to incorporate this on-trend color onto your walls, a forest scene-inspired triptych makes for a stately focal point.

For a DIY version, we’d try stretching fabric across canvas or substituting a full-wall mural instead.

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Schoolhouse Vibes

Juxtaposing a black chalkboard wall with green accent walls and green bedding creates an effect that reminds us of our favorite classrooms, but all grown-up. We imagine mornings are a lot easier with all that list-making space… and the high-contrast look of the natural orange-tinged wood packs a punch, too.

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Deco Colorblocking

Two of the buzziest home decor colors in one? Believe it. Deep green mixes with millennial pink to create an infinitely Instagrammable space that’s high on art deco luxe vibes, yet still feels unmistakably modern.

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Natural Texture

Terracotta tones pair beautifully with muted sage to create a subtly desert-inspired look we can’t get enough of… and tick off another trend box with lots of rattan and wicker accents.

serena & lily balboa bed
Serena & Lily Balboa Bed $2,298
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Doubled Up

Conventional wisdom may say that only one dark hue can exist in a single space, but we’d beg to differ. Inky blue-black walls coexist peacefully with a deep olive green tufted bed here—the secret is keeping the linens, wall art, and area rug light colors to create some contrast. Could doubling up on darks be the next big trend? All signs point to yes.

Crate & Barrel Ava Emerald Queen Bed
Crate & Barrel Ava Emerald Queen Bed $1,299
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Picture Rail

Another smart hack for anyone who’s worried about committing to a full-on wall of deep forest green—add trim (or use an existing picture-hanging rail) to create a natural border about ⅓ of the way down the wall. Keeping the top third the same hue as your ceiling will create a light, airy feeling (and it’ll be one less thing to prime and repaint come moving time).

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Understated Sage

Sage may get overlooked when it comes to all these super-saturated emerald shades, but there’s no reason to skip this more muted hue. For one thing, it’s an easy transition for those who already favor grey tones in their home—consider it a pseudo-neutral and treat it as such, punching it up with high-contrast pieces like this black and natural rattan headboard.

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Midcentury Moment

The oversized, mid-century wall-mounted headboard look is back, and we couldn’t be more pleased. After you’ve caught a glimpse of this massive velvet-wrapped piece, there’s just no going back to the standard size—not only does it create an instant focal point, but there’s no paint required to make a major color statement (though we’re partial to the wallpaper combo seen here).

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Taste of the Rainbow

Dark green might be the first shade that comes to mind for a bedroom, but a more mint-like shade can be equally compelling (if not more so). By pairing it with trendy foodie hues like mustard and tomato, you can create a “flavor” profile that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.

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Luxe Layers

Just because you’re creating an accent wall with different directional trims, doesn’t mean you have to avoid hanging wall art. We love the layered look achieved here with tactile textile art creating contrast, and task lighting adding a bit of shine.

schoolhouse electric isaac plug in sconce
Schoolhouse Electric Isaac Plug-In Sconce $219
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Architectural Features

Got a nook or cranny that already stands out in your room’s architecture? Highlight it even more by adding a dark green hue in that area only—it’ll add a pop of interest and make that little alcove feel even more cozy.

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Trendsetter Chic

There’s practically no top style trend missing from this bedroom design—seriously, it’s like an “I Spy” game for home decor aficionados. An ultra-luxe forest green velvet comforter is juxtaposed with nude-toned pillows, a natural rattan bed, a vintage rug, and of course, a peacock-hued wall color. The takeaway: if it speaks to you, you can make it work in your space.

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Boho Blue-Green

Looking to give your bedroom a well-traveled look? An eclectic mix of textiles from far-flung locales play nicely off a blue-green-grey wall color and coordinating bolster pillow. The final touch: an Insta-famous plant in a woven basket completes the bohemian vibe.

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70's Avocado

We’re not gonna lie—this retro-avocado, pea-soup shade isn’t for the faint of heart. You’d be forgiven for looking askance at it in the paint can. But remarkably, it’s nothing short of stunning when applied to the wall alongside a veritable bounty of florid pinks and bright sunflower yellows. We’re officially converts to this controversial shade. 

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Curtain Call

The best way to balance an over-the-top wallpaper pattern? Extra-long green velvet curtains (in our opinion, at least). Not only do they add a vintage flair befitting a glamorous heiress, but they give the eye a place to rest while scanning over this impossibly cool floral wallpaper.

curtains west elm
West Elm Cotton Luster Green Gables Curtains $109
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A Little Shade

Choosing a more neutral shade of green for the walls gives you tons of flexibility to mix it up with your textiles and accents. Our favorite approach? Adding several shades of the same color (and one contrasting hue) to keep the look fresh.

Steal a paint chip card or two from your local hardware store to get an idea for which shades are in the same family.

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Playful Patterns

Don’t shy away from print just because you’re using a bold hue (or two). An eclectic array of graphic, geometric textiles and art pieces can keep a dark-colored room from looking overly serious or stuffy.

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New Growth

True plant-lovers will know that the most important greenery in a bedroom is the one that you actually have to water. Play up the impact of a plant-studded bedding set with a well-placed shelf that takes the place of a headboard (and provides a much-needed perch for all your favorite plant babes.)

bloomscape potted peperomia ginny
Bloomscape Potted Peperomia Ginny $35
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Emerald City

For the truly bold, there’s nowhere this regal hue won’t reach. We love the idea of unifying a room’s molding, architectural details (hello fireplace!) and even furniture (hint: those “built-ins” aren’t what they seem) in one eye-popping shade of emerald. Keep the ceiling white to avoid overdoing it, but otherwise—well, the sky really is the limit in this case.

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Updated Wainscoting

By contrast, leaving trim, like a chair rail and wainscoting, white can bring a graphic punch to the space, especially when paired with a deep hunter green tone. We love how matching the colors of the nature illustrations above adds even more impact to this look.

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"Shelf" Care

Another shelf-anchored look that’s as practical as it is pretty, this design requires only a bit of paint, so it can be updated quickly and easily as color trends come and go. The above-the-bed shelf makes for easy switching-out of art, too—in short, there’s nothing that’s not to like about this clever arrangement.

moon phase garland vida + luz
Vida + Luz Moon Phase Garland $92

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