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21 Gorgeous Green Houseplants That Are So Easy to Grow

neon pothos

Leaf and Lolo

When it comes to picking a new plant for your place, it can be overwhelming. There are thousands of different types of houseplants out there, all in varying shapes and sizes, but how are you supposed to pick the perfect green guy to take home? Thankfully, we've rounded up a bunch of our favorite green houseplants to help you make a decision.

Whether you're a new plant parent or a horticultural pro, there's a plant on this list for you. From trailing vines to tall beauties, we've got you covered. Here are 21 of our favorite green houseplants.

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Monstera Adansonii

swiss cheese plant

Leaf and Lolo

If you're looking for a trailing plant that's almost as easy to take care of as a philodendron but that has a little more pizazz, look no further than the monstera adansonii. It's known for the fenestrations, or little holes, in its leaves, similar to a Monstera deliciosa.

Fun fact, the adansonii is also called the Swiss cheese plant.

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Modern House Vibes

Succulents have earned the title of one of the easiest plants to take care of, thanks to their ability to thrive under neglect. Do be careful though, they tend to rot if you water them too often, so it really is best to put them in a sunny spot and leave them be!

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ZZ Plant

zz plant

Mocha Girl Place

If you need a plant that can thrive in low-light conditions, look no further than the ZZ plant. Not only does it grow tall and sport glossy leaves, but it's another super easy to care for plant. It only needs to be watered about once a week, and it won't mind if you forget to give it a drink every now and again.

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Bird's Nest Fern

birds nest fern

Studio KT

These bright, curly leaves add a pop of color to any space. The bird's nest fern is another easy plant to raise if your thumb is more black than green. It only needs indirect light (think a couple of feet from a window or on the other side of a sheer curtain).

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig

House of Harvee

Ah, the famous fiddle leaf fig. Its teardrop-shaped leaves are broad and large (when it's full grown), and it can grow to be super tall in the right conditions. When you find a spot the tree likes, leave it there. This is a plant that likes to be left in its spot!

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Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise

The House on Hillside Lane

Looking for a large plant to fill your space? The bird of paradise has huge fronds that reach toward the ceiling, and the plant itself can grow to be several feet tall. These do prefer bright light, so make sure you have a sunny window to put it in front of so it can thrive.

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Philodendron Hope

philodendron hope

Alvin Wayne

The philodendron hope may look like it takes a lot of effort to care for (look at that size!), but similar to other plants in the philodendron family, it's pretty chill. The finger-like leaves have curly ends, and they like to get bright indirect light throughout the day.

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Turquoise and Tobacco

Okay, this one technically isn't alive, but hear us out: eucalyptus is a gorgeous plant that you can display dried in vases, hanging in your shower for the ultimate spa vibes, or you can make a wreath out of it if you're feeling super crafty.

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Olive Tree

olive tree

Cathy Hong Interiors

Add a mediterranean touch to your bedroom with an olive tree. We love the somewhat spindly look of their branches and the thin leaves. These look great in midcentury planters.

They do prefer a lot of light, though, so make sure you have the right conditions in your home to help them thrive.

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Heart-Leaf Philodendron

heart leaf philodendron

Modern House Vibes

This is perhaps one of the easiest houseplants you can grow. The heart leaf philodendron gets its name from its leaf shape, but the best part about this plant has to be the trailing vines. They grow quickly and look great trailing out of a hanging planter or hung on your wall to look like they're climbing.

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Monstera Deliciosa

monstera deliciosa

JC Design

We all know and love the monstera deliciosa for her beautiful fenestrated leaves and tendency to climb. This is a tropical plant that usually climbs others to reach sunlight, so it likes a fair share of direct light during the day. The leaves can get heavy, so make sure you give the plant a stake for support once it begins to fill out.

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African Violet

african violet

Dwell Aware

Does this violet qualify as a furry friend? The little hairs on the leaves help them hold moisture in, so you don't have to water this one too frequently. It likes bright indirect light, and if you get lucky, it'll flower in the spring.

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Prayer Plant

prayer plant

Dinex Design

Named for its leaves that fold up like praying hands at night, the prayer plant is a great option for low-light areas. It's part of the calathea family, so it needs a lot of humidity to keep the leaves from getting crispy and curling up. These are great for bathrooms and other humid areas around the house.

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Parlor Palm


Coco Lapine

Bring a mini palm into your home with this cutie! Parlor palms are a pretty easy beginner plant, and they only need to be watered every two weeks or so. They're also pet friendly if you are worried about your four-legged friend getting a little too close.

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Jade Plant


Plant Roost

Jade plants are a succulent, meaning they hold water in their leaves and store it for when they really need it. The leaves are green, but they have a beautiful purple underside.

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Snake Plant

snake plants


It's nearly impossible to kill a snake plant. These tall plants not only survive in low light conditions, but they only need to be watered every other week or so. They're also known for their air-purifying abilities.

snake plant
The Sill Snake Plant $75.00
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Golden Pothos

golden pothos

Black and Blooms

If you want a plant that has some variegated colors in the leaves, the golden pothos is a perfect choice. Bright yellow stripes go through the heart-shaped leaf, adding a little extra pizazz to the vining plant.

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Umbrella Plant

umbrella plant

Leaf and Lolo

How adorable is the umbrella plant? Obviously it gets its name from the shape of the leaf clusters. It's a relatively low maintenance plant that also has variegated varieties.

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Dragon Tree


Leaf and Lolo

Native to Madagascar, the dragon plant is actually drought-resistant, meaning it doesn't have to be watered often. It has long, slender leaves that come out of woody stalks, looking a little bit like a green ponytail.

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Variegated Rubber Tree

ficus ruby

Leaf and Lolo

You've probably seen a regular rubber tree with dark burgundy leaves, but did you know there's a green version, too? The variegated rubber tree has green leaves with hints of pink and white, making it almost look like someone painted each leaf.

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Neon Pothos

neon pothos

Leaf and Lolo

Add a pop of color to your space with this lime green vine. The neon pothos has bright green leaves that are almost yellow in some light. Like other pothos plants, they can tolerate low light, but they'll really thrive in spots where they get indirect light.