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15 of the Most Gorgeous Green Kitchen Ideas You'll Want To Try Today

green kitchen ideas

Katie Hackworth


It seemed like. even a few months ago, we couldn't click one link without finding ourselves staring at a deep blue kitchen. (Seriously, they were everywhere.) But lately, we've sensed a sea change. Those cobalts and coastal hues are being replaced with emerald and jade tones (and even a few #throwback-style avocado shades). It's official: Green kitchens are in.

And while you might not be keen to rush to the paint store and give a fresh coat to those cabinets you *just* DIY-ed during the Blue Period, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this new need for green at home. "Nothing beats good old Mother Nature if you are not adding green cabinets or paint. Plants and herbs can take the whole ambiance of a kitchen space from cold to alive in less than the time it takes to sip some tea!" says designer Joy Williams. 

Whether with a malachite-inspired tile backsplash, some fresh and verdant kitchen accessories, or even a new marble countertop with just a hint of green-tinged veining, we can confidently say that green is versatile enough to fit any style. (In fact, one of the most popular hues we've spotted—sage—is just a breath away from light grey, making it incredibly easy to incorporate in just about any space.)

Meet the Expert

Joy Williams is the lead designer and CEO of Chicago-based design firm Joyful Designs LLC.

Soak up some inspiration from our favorite green kitchen ideas below, and you'll see what we mean.

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Add Some Pink

green kitchens

Design: Gisbert Poppler, Photo: Wolfgang Stahr

We can't help but love a kitchen that combines two of the most timely color trends: muted pink walls and green cabinets. Even more ingenious is the way the walls themselves are broken up: with matte black acting as a backsplash and a bright streak of white at the top of the walls to keep the scale of the room considered and cozy. In short? There's nothing we don't love about this Neapolitan-striped space.

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Try Sage

green kitchens

Gold A La Mode


It's no secret that sage has been one of the most talked-about colors in the past few months, and this subtle kitchen is the perfect example of why this delicate verdant shade is displacing gray as our favorite (not-quite) neutral. "Green cabinets or even wall color are great mood enhancers for what’s a warm kitchen trend right now," Williams says. "Personally, I love the livelier greens that have summer is here written all over them. Pea-green is a favorite as well as brighter sage greens for cabinetry. Green is a mood for sure. "

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Combine Forest With Light Countertops

green kitchens

 Julia Robbs

Who knew that deep forest green could pair so well with the lighter, more yellow-tinged hues in this striking stone slab countertop? The waterfall edge makes it an instant focal point of this modern kitchen, and gallery-worthy lighting completes the look.

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Keep It Simple

green kitchens

 Katie Hackworth

There's something so simple and inviting about this roomy kitchen. Deep green cabinets and dark countertops are balanced by a crisp white coat of paint and an airy lack of upper cabinets—a high-contrast look that really works.

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Paint Cabinets Olive

green kitchens

Devon Grace Interiors

We'll be honest: If you pitched us olive-green cabinets, we're not totally sure we would've been on board. But seeing this incredible color in situ has us sold. Harkening back to the avocado green of the '70s but with a lot more panache, this shade might just be our new favorite go-to for giving a kitchen a bold new look. Light wood accents keep the space feeling fresh (and not "Grandma's basement" throwback-y).

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Go Midcentury

green kitchen

 Katie Hackworth

Gray-green isn't just for the traditional set. This cozy kitchen nook proves once and for all that this versatile hue is just as at home with a Saarinen-style tulip table as it is with East-Coast-cool beadboard and banquettes. (In fact, we don't think we've ever seen the two styles so deftly combined before. Blame it on the unifying powers of this perfect paint color.)

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Find a Green Stove

green kitchens

 Rikki Snyder

We're not sure what type of vintage-scoring sorceress you have to be to source a stove like this one, but you can bet if you're lucky enough to find one, it'll become the conversation piece to end all conversation pieces.

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Keep It Soft and Subtle

green kitchen

 Sarah Fultz Interiors

This barely there shade of sage has us swooning. Paired with dreamy white and black-flecked countertops, matte black hardware, and open wood shelving, it might just be our holy grail kitchen design.

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Use a Freestanding Island

green kitchen

 Rikki Snyder

The perfect solution for commitment phobes: If you're not ready for the mammoth undertaking of painting all of your (perfectly good) cabinets and risking marring them, start small with a freestanding green island to achieve the same effect with less stress (and in a fraction of the time).

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Take Your Backsplash Green

green kitchens

Design: Komel Saed of Studio Eagle, Photo: Mikiko Kikuyama

Ready to pull out the big guns with a statement-making backsplash? This fish-scale motif in a herringbone pattern makes our jaws drop. The depth of color from tile to tile makes the effect totally entrancing.

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Go Two-Tone

green kitchens

 Christopher Peacock

We're noticing more and more designers using multiple cabinetry colors these days, and we're not mad about it. The gray-tinged olive hue on the breakfront doors plays nicely against the dark gray lower cabinets opposite, united by campaign-style hardware.

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Add Some Copper

green kitchens

Design: Commune Design, Photo: Richard Powers 

Opposites attract, so it's not all that shocking that orange-tinged copper would look great against green—but there's theory, and then there's seeing it IRL. The sleek, reflective surface brings out the beauty of this deep green shade even more, and we love the unexpected floral motif above the cabinets for a bit of whimsy, too.

Looking to save some money on renovations? This high-shine copper backsplash is possible to DIY with the help of raw copper sheets or even antique-y pressed pattern versions.

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Combine Green and Gold

green kitchens

Design: Black Lacquer Designs, Photo: Mary Costa

Green and gold has got to be one of our favorite decor accent combinations, and it seems like it's here to stay. This kitchen looks effortlessly glamorous thanks to black marble effect countertops, luxe jade-hued cabinetry, and retro-inspired gold light fixtures.

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Add Fresh Greenery

green kitchen

 Design: Velinda Hellen for EHD, Photo: Sara Tramp

We can't shake the feeling that this teeny-tiny, super-chic kitchen is what Fisher-Price play kitchens dream of becoming when they grow up. Keeping things light in a small space is a must, so harbor-mist-hued cabinets and glossy white tile brighten up this highly effective prep nook.

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Try a Blue-Green

green kitchens

 Design: Michelle Salz-Smith at Studio Surface, Photo: Jennie Corti

If you're still undecided about making the switch from a blue kitchen to a green one, this stormy blue-gray-green shade might be the perfect compromise. White subway tile, just a hint of open shelving, and a wide wooden island come together to create a classic-but-modern effect.