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21 Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Inspire You to Grab a Paintbrush

An elegant kitchen with dark green cabinets

Ashley Montgomery Design

Transforming your kitchen doesn’t have to involve a full-blown renovation. Even simple tweaks—like repainting your cabinets—can go a long way. But, before you can even whip out a paintbrush, you have to decide what color you want your cabinets to be. Should you paint them a sleek black, a crisp white, or maybe even a bold shade of green?

We know—green may seem like a strange pick for the kitchen, but the color has immense range. Minimalist decorators can take solace in green’s subtler shades, like washed-out sage and light mint, and those seeking a statement-making kitchen can opt for a bold forest green or a warm olive. Because green contains hints of blue and yellow, it’s surprisingly easy to decorate with—and it’s sure to play well with all the wooden shelves and marble countertops that are already lining your kitchen.

To jumpstart your moodboard, we’ve rounded up 21 of the prettiest green kitchen cabinets we could find. These ideas might just inspire you to repaint your own—even if you’re already in love with the way your cabinets look.

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Make a Subtle Statement

A mint green kitchen with black wood paneled accents

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

When most of us hear the phrase “green kitchen cabinets,” we imagine bold colors flooding the room. But the truth is, there are plenty of subtler ways to get in on the fun. By opting for a light sage green, a washed-out black, and a crisp white marble, you can create a palette that feels monochromatic—despite its subtle hint of color. 

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Play With Texture

A kitchen with dark blue-green cabinets

Julia Robbs

Once you paint cabinets green, it’s time to find an accent color. But, finding an accent texture can be just as important.

Kitchens are filled with all kinds of textures—high-contrast marble countertops, sleek hardwood floors, shiny steel appliances, and more. As you’re curating your space, keep an eye on texture.

A thoroughly-textured accent piece might allow you to sneak a couple complementary colors into your space.

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Mix and Match Your Greens

A kitchen with light green cabinets and dark green tiled walls

Amy Bartlam

No one said you needed to stop after one green accent—why not paint your cabinets and your walls green?

Of course, to pull this off, you’ll want to switch up the shades you’re using, as very few of us could make floor-to-ceiling Kelly green look great. Consider pairing a lighter green with a darker one to make sure there’s plenty of contrast in your space.

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Brighten Up Your Space With a Warmer Shade

A kitchen with olive green cabinets

Devon Grace Interiors

Bright greens are intense in just about any setting, but warmer greens like olives can brighten up your space without overwhelming it.

These shades tend to be vibrant, earthy, bold enough to make a statement, but still subtle enough to cover huge swaths of your kitchen. Plus, they’ll look great next to all the neutrals in your space.

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Match Your Island to Your Cabinets

A kitchen with vibrant emerald green cabinets

Naked Kitchens 

Matching your island to your kitchen cabinets can be a bold move. But, you’ve already made the daring decision to paint your cabinets forest green. So, why not take another step into statement-making territory?

If you find matchy-matchy décor schemes off-putting, remember that you can always mix up your greens and paint your island a slightly lighter or darker shade than your cabinets.

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Take Advantage of Complementary Colors

A mint kitchen with complementary copper accents

Amy Bartlam

Complementary colors play a big role in any space, and they can be particularly important when you’re decorating with a bolder shade. If you’ve painted your cabinets a light blue-green, complement the color with a vibrant red-orange, or in this case, a handful of bold copper accents.

Remember, complements help you find a color to work with—but they won’t tell you how light or dark that color should be. Create contrast by playing around with the hues of your complements.

A copper kettle
Crate & Barrel Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Copper Kettle $99.00
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Switch Up Your Colors and Textures

An elegant kitchen with dark green cabinets

Ashley Montgomery Design

The color green can hold its own against all kinds of colors and textures, so don’t arbitrarily limit your space just to keep things feeling cohesive. Pair a dark sage green with vibrant golds, sleek blacks, and every shade of wood imaginable—it can handle it.

Let your neutrals get as dynamic as you want them to be. They’re unlikely to overwhelm your space. 

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Play With Earthier Tones

A bohemian kitchen with earthy olive green cabinets

Julian Porcino

Green can act like a bright, bold accent color, but depending on the shade you’re using, it can also act a lot like a neutral. If you want to cultivate a palette that feels just a step outside of colorless, consider using a washed-out sage or earthy olive.

These shades will pull gray when paired with whites and blacks, but wood accents will bring out their inherent warmth—giving you a bold palette that’s incredibly easy to decorate with.

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Spread Color Throughout Your Space

A kitchen with mint green cabinets

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Why stop at painting your kitchen cabinets green? If you’re in love with the shade you’ve chosen, echo it throughout your space.

Small bars and other tucked-away cabinets are great candidates for a colorful tune-up. A few green accent pieces scattered here and there can go a long way.

A sage green cookware set
Caraway Cookware Set $395.00
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Open Up Your Space With a Two-Tone Palette

A kitchen with dark green case cabinets and light green high cabinets

Katie Hackworth

If you have floor-to-ceiling cabinets, consider using two shades of green in your palette. Use a darker green for your lower cabinets and a lighter green for your upper ones.

The darker color will ground your space, while the lighter color will open it up. This will keep your kitchen feeling open and expansive rather than tight or crowded.

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Let Your Appliances Have Fun

A white kitchen with emerald green appliances

Rikki Snyder

Your cabinets aren’t the only thing that can handle a little color—your appliances can, too. There are enough stunning green stoves on the market that you can easily find one that suits your palette of choice.

Of course, you shouldn’t paint your stove, oven, and other appliances the way you’d paint your cabinets. But, if you’re in the market for a new appliance, don’t overlook some of the striking, colorful options on offer.

A vibrant green oven
Home Depot Hallman Italian Range Convection Oven $3,499.00
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Feel Free to Keep Things Light

A kitchen with mint green cabinets

Cathie Hong

Many of us like our kitchens to be clean, open, and light-filled, and there are plenty of ways to bring color into your space without disrupting this crisp aesthetic. One of the easiest? Choose a lighter shade of green, like mint.

This color will make your space feel fun and vibrant without disrupting its inherent minimalism. Just be sure to pair your brand new cabinets with similarly light colors, like whites, grays, and beiges. 

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Remember That Color Can Be Sophisticated

A dining room leading into a forest green kitchen

Ashley Montgomery Design

Pops of color have a vibrant, almost loud reputation, but they can be as sleek and sophisticated as any other bit of décor. Simply choose a shade that suits the mood of your home, and make sure the accents are cohesive with the rest of your aesthetic.

Forest green cabinets are unlikely to seem juvenile when paired with white marble countertops and hardwood floors—especially when the room next door is adorned with a chandelier, as seen here.

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Use Plants as Monochromatic Accent Pieces

A kitchen corner with dark green cabinets

House Nine

Monochromatic palettes are a favorite for a reason: when done right, they can be absolutely stunning. And since plants are naturally green, they offer an easy way to add a little monochromatic flair to your green kitchen.

Keep in mind that your colors don’t have to match perfectly—even in a monochromatic palette. You can switch up your hues to craft a palette that feels high-contrast but cohesive.

A rattlesnake plant in a pot
Grounded Plants Rattlesnake Plant $30.00
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Have Fun With the Rest of Your Palette

A kitchen with pink walls and blue-green cabinets

Naked Kitchens

Green kitchen cabinets may be bold, but they’re not too bold to pair with other colors. If you’re dying to throw a couple more shades into the mix, do it.

There’s no rule that says you can’t pair teal cabinets with pink walls—and a fire engine red stove. And even if there were, we wouldn’t pay attention to it. Have fun curating a palette you’ll love looking at.

Maintain contrast in your kitchen by varying the lightness and darkness of the shades you’re working with.

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No Space Is Too Small to Make a Statement

A small kitchenette with emerald green cabinets

Katie Hackworth

You don’t need a massive, sprawling kitchen to pull off green cabinets. Statement-making accents can look great in any space—no matter how small.

Feel free to put as much time and effort into a tiny kitchenette as you would into a much bigger kitchen. Every corner of your home deserves a little love—and we have no doubt your final product will be stunning.

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Create Contrast With Black Accents

A kitchen with mint cabinets and wooden shelves

Calimia Home

Black is a no-fail addition to any color scheme, and it pairs great with every shade of green imaginable. Whether you’re working with a light mint or a dark forest green, throw a few black accents into the mix. They will surely ground your space and make your palette feel dynamic without overwhelming it.

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When in Doubt, Use Wood

A wood-lined kitchen with green cabinets

Naked Kitchens

Kitchens are filled with wood—wooden countertops, wooden utensils, and of course, hardwood floors. This is great news for anyone decorating with green, because green looks incredible next to wood.

Whether you’re working with a vibrant forest green, an earthy olive, or an extremely light sage, throw in a wood accent, and you’ll have a match made in heaven. This is especially good to remember when you’re feeling lost or your space is feeling off-balance.

Two wooden bowls and several wooden spoons
Reflektion Design Olive Wood Salad Bowl $110.00
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Embrace the Fun of Ambiguous Colors

A kitchen lined with blue-green cabinets

LeClair Decor

Some shades of green come so close to other colors that you can’t quite tell what they are. Is that teal more green or blue? And is that washed-out sage actually just gray?

These perplexing colors can be fun to decorate with because they’ll look different depending on what they’re paired with. This also gives you the freedom to transform your space any time you want to. Switch out your accents and your cabinets will look new—even if you didn’t repaint them.

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Make a Statement in More Ways Than One

A kitchen with dark teal cabinets

Naked Kitchens

If you’ve chosen a bold cabinet color, you may be tempted to stop there. After all, how many statement-making accents can one kitchen handle? But there’s no reason your cabinets can’t boast a bold color and a bold texture at the same time.

Get creative and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Let your space get as show-stopping as you want it to be. As long as you love what you’re looking at, you’re doing it right.

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Top Things Off With Sleek Hardware

A sleek kitchen with sage green cabinets

Julian Porcino 

The metaphorical cherry on top of any stunning cabinet? The hardware. Once you’ve painted your cabinets a pretty shade of green, invest in hardware that takes your just-painted beauties to the next level.

Feel free to mix and match knobs and handles as needed, and consider letting your faucet in on the fun. These finishing touches aren’t a must-have, but they will leave your space feeling next-level cool.

Two black and gold metal handles
Anthropologie Alden Handle $2,022.00