30 Green Kitchen Wall Ideas We Can't Get Over

green kitchen wall

design and photography: devol kitchens

There's no doubt about it: green in the kitchen is having a moment. But you can do so much more with green in your kitchen than just cabinetry—you can have green walls too. Green kitchen walls provide plenty of color, and they can be used to provide texture and visual interest to the space. Keep reading for 30 of our favorite ideas for green kitchen walls.

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Go Abstract

abstract patterns green kitchen walls

naked kitchens

Want to add some whimsy to your green kitchen walls? Add some abstract patterns. These fun shapes will provide visual interest to your walls, and they'll be great design feature to center the rest of your kitchen around.

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Add a Wall of Green Cabinets

green kitchen walls of cabinets

naked kitchens

To add a wall of green to your kitchen without cracking open a can of paint, install (nearly) floor-to-ceiling green cabinetry, like the one above in the space from Naked Kitchens.

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Pair Green and Gold

green kitchen walls gold

naked kitchens

Color pairing can take the addition of bold color in a space from good to better, and green is no exception. Try pairing it with gold for a luxe look.

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Use Green and Dark Wood

dark wood green kitchen walls

naked kitchens

The rich tones of darker wood, like mahogany and walnut, pair perfectly with a sage green in the kitchen. To get this look, use wooden cabinetry alongside green walls.

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Use Stone With a Little Bit of Color

green kitchen walls marble

katie leclerq

Green kitchen walls needn't only be painted. Instead, you can look for stone with hints of green too, like the marble backsplash installed in the kitchen above from Katie LeClerq. Natural stone with these subtly-colored undertones adds the perfect amount of color to your space.

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Don't Forget About the Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook green kitchen walls

katie leclerq

The humble breakfast nook often becomes the space where most our meals get eaten. It's also a great space for a green wall too. Its proximity to the kitchen lends its picture-perfect color without having to find an empty wall to paint.

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Paint a Lighter Shade

green kitchen walls lighter shade

becca interiors

Green cabinetry is all the rage nowadays. But to make this trendy look look even better in your kitchen, paint your kitchen walls a lighter shade of green than your cabinets. Lots of green and lots of style.

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Paint Around the Fridge

green kitchen walls refrigerator

becca interiors

Panelings or facings surrounding large appliances like refrigerators are another great spot to add a wall of green. These otherwise-empty spaces could use a healthy dose of color,

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Use Lots of Green

green kitchen walls triple shades

becca interiors

But why limit yourself to just two shades of green in your kitchen? Add in another and have green radiating off the cabinetry, backsplash and walls.

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Use Green Built-ins

green kitchen walls built-ins

studio peake

Another way to bring a green kitchen wall into your space is through built-ins. Built-in cabinetry or shelving brings character to a kitchen, along with plenty of color.

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Add a Backsplash

green kitchen walls backsplash

tyler karu

Backsplashes protect your kitchen walls from spills and stains, but they're also another way to show off your own personal style. Look for green backsplashes, like the barely-green tiles above in the kitchen from Tyler Karu, to add style and durability.

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Don't Forget Trim

trim green kitchen walls

thomas guy interiors

If you're painting a kitchen wall green, consider painting the surrounding trim green too. This mono-colored look brings a wash of color to a space and makes a statement.

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Paint Beige-Green

green kitchen walls gray

true home

Looking for a calming color addition in your kitchen, rather than a busy one? Add beige-green. This green and beige color combo brings a touch of earthy color to a space without feeling too bright.

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Add a Floating Shelf

green kitchen walls floating shelves

naked kitchens

To add a trendy bit of storage to your green kitchen wall, install a floating shelf. These popular kitchen features are great for displaying a houseplant or two, or for showing off some of your favorite serving ware.

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Use Green With Brass

green kitchen walls brass

simply scandi katie

Old-world brass is an excellent companion to a vintage, muted shade of green. Look for brass light fixtures or hardware, like the ones in the kitchen above from Simply Scandi Katie, to bring brass into a space.

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Add Beadboard

beadboard green kitchen walls

lake glenville cottage

Texture can be just as important as color in a space, and the kitchen is no different. Add both with a wall of green beadboard.

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Use the Same Color

green kitchen walls same shade

design and photography: devol kitchens

For a seamless green look from the walls to the cabinetry, paint both the same shade of green. This unique look turns a simple kitchen into a statement one.

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Add Wallpaper

green kitchen walls wallpaper

naked kitchens

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to spruce up an empty wall in a kitchen and add some green. Look for a pattern that fits your style—something abstract for a modern kitchen, something vintage for a farmhouse-style one or something mid-mod for a retro one.

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Add Green Tiles and Walls

green kitchen walls and tiles

lychgate interiors

To protect the space around your sink or oven, you may need to add some tiling. But don't let that deter you from bringing a green wall into your kitchen! Look for green tiles and install them alongside a green wall.

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Paint Your Shelving

green kitchen walls painted shelving

lychgate interiors

If you want the items on your open shelving to stand out, rather than the shelves themselves, consider painting the shelves the same color as your wall—in this case, green.

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Try a Partial Green Wall

partial green kitchen walls

house at end of the wold

You can still have a green wall without using the entire wall. A partial wall covering, like paneling or beadboard, is the perfect thing to paint green.

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Add Green Accesories

green kitchen walls accessories

ew kitchens

To make your green kitchen wall feel like part of your space, rather than just another color, add green accessories throughout the kitchen like window coverings and kitchen linens.

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Try Forest Green

forest green kitchen walls

hillcat interiors

Celebrate nature by painting your kitchen with a rich forest green. This stunning color is a bold choice that helps bring the outside in.

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Use Statement Tile

green kitchen walls statement tile

victoria bell design

For a green wall in the kitchen that doesn't require an entire wall, use statement tile in a space that needs a large backsplash, like behind a cooktop or sink.

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Use Gray-Green

gray green kitchen walls

yael weiss interiors

Another perfectly peaceful shade of green can be found in a gray-green combo. This subtle pairing brings in a hint of color without feeling 'too much.'

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Try Dark Green

dark green kitchen walls

alvin wayne interiors

A black wall is a certainly bold pick in kitchens, and you may feel hesitant to go that far. Instead, try a dark green that's nearly black. This dramatic pick feels one-of-a-kind without throwing away color entirely.

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Add a Statement Wall

statement green kitchen walls

steph homebody

Adding green to the kitchen doesn't mean painting all of the walls green. Rather, it can simply mean painting a statement wall green and keeping the other walls a neutral color, allowing the bolder color to really stand out.

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Pair Green With Brick

green kitchen walls brick

laura ashley fitted furniture

A lightly-colored country green wall is a wonderful companion to exposed or vintage brick. The two bring a down-to-earth and welcoming feeling to the kitchen.

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Use Green Stone

green kitchen wall stone

a. s. helsingo

Of course, 'green' stone in your kitchen can go much further than a few green flecks or undertones—it can actually be green too. The stunning stone in the kitchen above from A. S. Helsingo becomes a statement in any space.

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Use Glassy Green

green kitchen walls glassy

amy bartlam

Ready to move beyond matte green? Add in some glassy green instead. Glass tiles provide color and bounce light around for a shimmering effect.