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12 Stylish Green Living Rooms That Make a Case for the Trending Color

Green Coffee Table

Lauren Bamford; Design: Robson Rak

Although minimal, crisp, all-white rooms will never go out of style, it's not the only look to model your home after. If you're itching for a pop of color, consider diving into the color wheel for an unexpected shade of green. "Green is one of the freshest and chicest colors," according to Decorist celebrity designer Jonathan Rachman. Not only is the bold color decidedly stylish, but it's also rather in vogue. "It's definitely gaining attention," Rachman continues.

Meet the Expert

Jonathan Rachman is an interior designer with a timeless approach to design.

While you can certainly incorporate the hue in your living room by painting the walls (or just one accent wall) green, there are other ways to play with the color that don't require a paintbrush or roller. Source bold furniture like accent chairs and coffee tables in varying shades of green. Hang art on the wall that features the grassy hue. Simpler yet, thoughtfully position real or faux plants throughout the living room for just a hint of the natural color. There are so many different options for shades of green, Rachman points out.

Get inspired by these green living rooms and find a way to feature the color in your home that best suits your personal style.

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Choose Green Furniture

Green Coffee Table

Lauren Bamford; Design: Robson Rak

If you're not ready to commit to painting the living room walls green, opt to include a simple piece of furniture in a shade that will subtly stand out among the rest of your décor.

"You can do so much with green besides just using green paint or fabrics," Rachman explains. In this chic living room, modern coffee tables in a shiny lime green add just the right amount of color and contrast beautifully with the light blue couch and gray rug.

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Create an Accent Wall

Green Accent Wall
Black Lacquer Design

For those bold enough to put paint on the walls, start small with a single accent wall in a deep shade of green. If you're looking to make a real statement, take a page from this striking living room and don't just paint the walls but the fireplace and cabinetry as well. Keep the rest of the furniture in the room neutral to maintain a refined look.

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Utilize Multiple Shades of Green

Bohemian Green Living Room

Thomas Dalhoff; Design: Brett Mickan Interior Design

A rich green wall color adds another element of design to this beachy living room. It also plays beautifully off of the vintage bamboo chair and ottoman with similarly colored cushions. When using multiple shades of green in one room, Rachman recommends looking for complementary colors. "Be sure the shades complement and support each other and are not struggling or fighting against one another," he says.

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Play With Pattern and Texture

Green Pattern Wallpaper

Thomas Dalhoff; Design: Brett Mickan Interior Design

This bright and airy green living room incorporates multiple elements of the color seamlessly, playing with patterns and textures. To keep a space looking refined even with multiple green aspects, just be sure to keep them in the same shade family, Rachman suggests. "Playing with the scales of your green items can be whimsical yet elegant also," he adds. The way the large patterned wallpaper works with the muted green curtains and subtle green elements of the couch in this room is proof of that.

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Go Blue-Green

Green Living Room
Catherine Kwong

If you want to draw attention to a space, paint the walls a rich shade of deep blue-green. "It instantly creates an airy but bold and interesting statement," according to Rachman. Again, the use of complementary colors like the olive green chair and ochre throw pillow in this living room help tie together the bold look.

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Consider a Subtle Shade

Green Gray Living Room
Pella Hedeby

For a more subdued approach, pick a shade of green paint that's not so bold. In this Scandinavian-inspired room, a light gray-green paint color works as a neutral element of the space and doesn't distract the eye. "Just remember to always follow your gut instinct," Rachman says. If you're not ready for bright colors, stick with what feels most aligned with your style.

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Pick Green Accent Pieces

Living Room with Green Accents
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Another clever way to incorporate the color green in a living room, this space features two light green curved couches, a tall cactus, a bright painting, and an iridescent round mirror that reflects shades of green and blue from above the mantel. Pick accent pieces carefully to make even a room that's painted white exude the fresh hue.

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Complement With Artwork

Dark Green Living Room
Brittany Ambridge

"A lot of people are scared to use everything green in a room, but if you choose wisely and pick the shades just right, they can be stunning," Rachman explains. This eclectic living room certainly includes a variety of green elements, including accent chairs, wall paint, and art, yet the different shades work beautifully together. Complement a green wall in your home with the addition of a simple work of art with green elements.

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Be Confident

Light Green Living Room

Thomas Dalhoff; Design: Brett Mickan Interior Design

"Commit and be confident when you use the color green," Rachman urges. Don't be afraid to pair light green paint with rich olive green couches like this spacious and light-filled space. It feels fresh and revitalizing without overpowering the senses with too many different green elements.

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Add Greenery

Sophisticated Green Living Room
Studio Ashby

Pair an elegant, bold sofa with a natural shade of green on the surrounding walls for a stylish, modern take on the trend. You can also include more green elements like a simple potted plant to tie the space together.

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Use Green Chairs

Green Chairs
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Something as simple as a pair of green chairs can completely alter the design of a room. This A-frame living room is a stunning example of how green accent pieces can play off of one another without taking away from a fresh white paint color and neutral furnishings. Here, the olive green chairs and coffee table plant complement each other as well as the brass lighting elements, and rustic, white wood-beamed ceiling.

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Go Mint Green

Mint green Living Room
Max Humphrey

This light-filled green living room looks fresh and inviting thanks to the mint green paint color with neutral details. "Adding off-white colors that support your green can be extremely classic," according to Rachman. He also suggests playing with different paint finishes in one room. "You'll be surprised how layered green can look when done in various finishes."