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20 Gorgeous Design Ideas to Style Green Marble in a Chic Space

best green marble design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander

If there's one design element that you can always count on to elevate a space instantly—no questions asked—it's marble. Whether it's Carrara, Calcutta, or statuary, marble evokes sophistication and elegance. And while the classic, neutral shades of this earthy material will always have a special place in our hearts and homes, we're obsessing over a bolder trend: green marble.

Not only can green marble enhance a variety of color schemes, but it's an unexpected, refreshing way to bring a vibrant color into your home's design. From chartreuse to emerald, we just can't get enough of this trend.

Keep scrolling for the best green marble design ideas by some of our favorite interior designers to style an elegant upgrade in your space.

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Opt for Green Details

best green marble design ideas

Design: Studio Ashby

If a statement wall or backsplash feels like too much green for you, start out with something smaller. You can incorporate green marble in your space without it feeling too bold by opting for smaller décor, like the marbled green vase in this dining nook. This little accent piece achieves the same air of sophistication, just on a smaller scale.

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Keep It in the (Tonal) Family

best green marble design ideas

Design: Fantastic Frank

When designing your kitchen, consider opting for a dark green marble backsplash instead of classic light tiles. It introduces a moodier, more grown-up feel. The cabinets create cohesion in this space and set a smooth background for the marble's texture to stand out.

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Opt for a Faded Look

best green marble design ideas

Design: If Walls Could Talk

We're loving the faded sage green hues in this modern marble bathroom. With just enough of an earthy touch, the space still feels bright and clean. Thanks to its undertones, the marble gives off a hint of green color to embrace more character than a standard white bathroom.

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Style Unexpected Décor

best green marble design ideas

Photo: Nikole Ramsay

As much as we love a forest-green marble piece, there's nothing quite like chartreuse to make us melt. This nightstand steals the show as a bedside table—and we love how it pops against the industrial concrete wall and the purple bedding for an unexpected contrast. 

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Get Dramatic With Waterfall Countertops

best green marble design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander

If you want to make a statement, look no further. These dramatic green marble waterfall countertops have a personality of their own—and we can't get enough of it. Styled with black kitchen cabinets and a white marble backsplash, the kitchen island is the colorful focal point of a contrasted room.

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Style an Elegant Retreat

best green marble design ideas

Design: Jules Interiors

We can't stop swooning over this luxurious bathroom. With a black marble door, green marble walls, and an abundance of gold finishes, this space feels like it was designed for royalty. Simple white accents from the sink to the tub and curtains brighten up the dark colors, while a metallic vanity steals the show.

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Find Your Balance

best green marble design ideas

Design: Fantastic Frank

This living room is a gorgeous demonstration of how to strike a balance between formal and casual. In this bright and airy space, the throw pillows and green marble table add jewel-toned elegance throughout the whole room. The simple and spacious sectional is super cozy, yet the artful pendant light and the coffee table dress things up. Plus, the stark white walls add a contemporary element that lets the unique décor do the talking.

If you're into neutral color palettes, consider adding a subtle moment of color by way of a coffee table or accent chair to make vibrant hues pop without feeling overwhelming.

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Use Tiles Wisely

best green marble design ideas

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Who says you can only feature one shade of marble in your home? Even within this sprawling kitchen, there are upwards of three tones of green marble—and the result doesn't feel at all chaotic. The tiles of the backsplash are dark, warm, and bright all at the same time.

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Go Bold in the Bathroom

best green marble design ideas

Design: Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Sara Tramp

The soft, spa-like vibes in this marble bathroom make us want to fill up the tub and enjoy a good book. Simple details like fresh greenery and white cabinetry bring out the green and white hues of the marble, all tied together by a simple tile floor and neutral wood accents. Get the look in your bathroom by pairing sage green marble with bright, clean décor.

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Add a Pop of Color

best green marble design ideas

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

This cool New York bathroom offers a sophisticated and minimalist twist on the classic all-white style courtesy of a petite, box-shaped dark green marble sink. The muted gold pipe and hardware add a glamorous element that we're coveting. Brass, copper, vintage gold, and silver are all excellent choices for adding a metallic finish to green hues.

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Embrace Patterns

best green marble design ideas

Design: Studio DB

This unique backsplash in a beautiful blue-green marble tile has us absolutely stunned. The designer opted for geometric tiles and arranged them in an unexpected pattern reminiscent of modern contrast floor tiles. Not to mention, it pairs perfectly with the gray marble countertops and matte navy cabinets.

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Cue the Classic Countertops

best green marble design ideas

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

An at-home bar is a great place to experiment with green marble countertops. Since this bar is in a small nook, the green marble's swanky, rich aesthetic doesn't feel too bold or overpowering. Plus, the burnt-orange upholstered walls add a formal touch to round out the space.

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Make a Floor-to-Ceiling Statement

best green marble design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Eron Rauch

This green marble-inspired fireplace is the design inspiration we've been searching for. With golden accents woven throughout, the main fireplace wall matches the built-in cabinetry's hardware. Wood shelves help neutralize the bold design, along with textured shiplap ceilings and white walls.

Painting a marbled wall mural is a great way to bring in the rich textures of this material without committing to the price of a large stone slab.

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Contrast With White Marble

best green marble design ideas

Design: Athena Calderone via Abitare Studio

We love how this small green marble sculpture plays on the stunning white marble coffee table it rests on. To incorporate this beautiful material in your space without a major commitment, contrast green and white marble accents next to each other. In an all-white room, the most minimal accents are often the pieces that stand out.

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Work With Contrast

best green marble design ideas

Design: Studio DB

These dark green marble side tables add a sense of depth to an otherwise white room. If you want to keep it subtle, style a marble material with lots of texture on a small piece of furniture. We love how the white streaks in this marble play on the room's bright walls and furniture.

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Upgrade Your Fireplace

best green marble design ideas

Design: Allie Boesch; Photo: Amy Bartlam

We love the subtle light colors that filter through the green marble tile on this fireplace. While the stone's classic streaks are muted on this soft surface, it's just enough to complement the room's white walls and contrast the modern architecture. Opt for a smoother style of marble when you're looking for a subtle statement to add personality to the rest of your room.

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Blend Bookcase Hues

best green marble design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Mary Costa

A great way to introduce a bit of marble to your space without making it the focal point is to use it as the backing on your bookcases. This living room's marble boasts a light pink and green blend that contrasts its oversized gold floor lamp. Bonus: The marble is so polished that it even reflects the rest of the room for an elegant, glossy look.

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Take It to the Floor

best green marble design ideas

Design: D. Burns Interiors

For a more subtle statement, opt for green marble tiles in your bathroom. This earthy, inviting hue works best with neutral walls and décor. In this space, simple black accents on the counters, tub, and mirrors contrast the creamy wall paint and white vanities, while the pop of color is all focused on the floor.

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Try a Multi-Colored Mix

best green marble design ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander

For a more colorful vibe, opt for a piece of green marble that incorporates other hues like the blues and yellows featured on this home bar. Brighter tones shine through to play on golden barstools and built-in metallic shelving. Match your seating to the marble slab for a cohesive finish.

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Get Inspired by the Coast

best green marble design ideas

Design: Brophy Interiors

We love the beachy, coastal vibes in this modern bathroom. A marble shower brings out sandy, green, and minimal gray undertones for a blend that feels like we're bathing in the ocean. This simple, classic look feels updated and refreshing thanks to the continuous marble slab and glass shower doors.