11 Enviable Green Marble Ideas to Steal

Updated 05/04/18

If there's one design trend you can always count on to instantly elevate a space, no questions asked, it's marble. Whether its, Carrara, Calcutta, Statuary, etc., marble evokes sophistication and elegance while also feeling grounded. And while the classic neutral shades will always have a special place in our hearts and homes, we're highlighting an even bolder version: green marble. Not only can it enhance a variety of color schemes, but it's an interesting, refreshing way to bring in something bright.

From chartreuse to forest green and emerald, we just can't get enough of this design trend. So without further ado, find 11 gorgeous green marble ideas to steal below.

Marble Ideas
Studio Ashby

Though there are plenty of stunning statement walls and backsplashes to come, we thought we'd start out with something smaller. If you want to incorporate green marble in your space without too much heavy lifting, opt for a marbled green vase. This small accent piece can achieves the same air of sophistication, just on a smaller scale.

Green Marble Ideas
Fantastic Frank

When designing your kitchen, consider opting for a green marble backsplash instead of the classic lighter shades. It introduces a moodier, grownup feel. We love how the cabinets create cohesion while the light wood finish to lighten and open up the intense elements in the space.

Green Marble Décor
Nikole Ramsay

If you're coming up with a color scheme to complement pale pink tiles, look no further. Bring in shades of cream, light green, and light grains of wood for a modern yet laid-back aesthetic. Then add a few crisp white details to freshen up the muted palette. And last but not least, opt for smaller green marble pieces like a soap dish.

Green Marble Design Ideas
Elizabeth Roberts

An at-home bar is the perfect place to experiment with green marble. Since this bar is in a smaller nook, it's a great backdrop for the swanky, rich aesthetic that green marble boasts. The burnt-orange upholstered walls introduce a formal touch to round out the space.

Green Marble Furniture
Nikole Ramsay

As much as we love a forest-green marble piece, there's nothing quite like chartreuse to make us melt. More of an architectural piece of artwork, that little side table clearly steals the show in this master bedroom. We also love how it pops against the industrial concrete wall and the laid-back purple bedding for an unexpected contrast.  

Green Marble Backsplash
Studio Ashby

Marble offers up the perfect opportunity to create a texturescape, which will be music to the ears of the color adverse. Rather than being bold with bright hues and color pops, bring dimension to your space through the use of deep green-gray marble accents.

Green Marble Sink Design
Studio Ashby

Who says you can only feature one shade of marble in your home? Even within this small bathroom, there are upward of three different kinds of marble without feeling chaotic at all. The green marble double sinks definitely steal the show while the grays, creams, blacks, and browns make it look even more unique. Oh, and take note of the large circular mirror, which amplifies the entire space.

Green Marble Coffee Table
Fantastic Frank

This living room is an excellent example of how to strike a balance between formal and casual. The simple and spacious sofa is super cozy and will definitely accommodate many relaxing nights in, yet the artful pendant light and the green marble coffee table dress things up, making it also a great backdrop for hosting.

Green Marble Furniture Ideas
Studio Ashby

A small side table or coffee table is the perfect piece to introduce in a green marble hue. Natural greenery and décor accents or cushions will pick up on the various flecks of green for a calming feel.

Green Marble Tiles
Fantastic Frank

In the bathroom, where storage space is of the essence and keeping things clutter-free is essential, opportunities for a stylish statement are rare. That's where wall tiles come in. So if you're considering a master bathroom remodel, allow this bathroom wall to be your inspiration. We love how the worn linen textiles create a more casual feel, too.

Studio DB

If you haven't noticed, we're pretty obsessed with the green marble side tables, and this one is especially nice. The curvaceous layers pick up on the sculptural rolls in the cream chair and add a nice sense of depth in the otherwise white room. So when in doubt, call on green marble for an unexpected yet fitting pop of personality.

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Now that you've had your fix of green marble ideas, check out these pink marble ideas to see which design trend you'd rather try at home.

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