Can Green Tea Boost Your Metabolism? We Investigate

Updated 09/15/17

Green tea is regularly touted as a safe, natural (not to mention delicious) way to boost your metabolism. For anyone interested in wellness and maintaining a healthy waistline, what better than a soothing drink that promises to jump-start your body's ability to burn calories?

However, despite all the talk surrounding green tea as a metabolism booster, scientific studies have found the claim might not be so persuasive. An NPR report from 2015 looked into the question of whether drinking green tea will boost your metabolism and found that much of the cited science behind it came up short. There have since been studies suggesting a stronger correlation between green tea and metabolic rates, but still, the scope is limited (most studies involve mice), and the results aren't as potent as we'd hoped (what with green tea casually attached to such descriptors as "weight-loss magic").

To better answer whether green tea can boost your metabolism, we've outlined what the science shows below.

Green tea extract could encourage fat browning. In a forthcoming study in the November issue of The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, researchers found that a polyphenolic extract from green tea leaves activates fat browning—when white fat tissue turns beige and calories are more easily burned—in obese mice fed a high-fat diet.

Green tea helps to decrease cholesterol levels. Recent studies have shown that green tea helps to significantly decrease cholesterol levels in overweight individuals. It's not just green tea in its original form that can contribute to weight loss, but supplements as well.

Green tea taken as a supplement can help with weight loss. A study published this year in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism found that the consumption of green tea, capsaicin, and ginger co-supplements over a two-month period had beneficial effects on weight in overweight women.

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