Book Lovers Will Obsess Over This Stunning Home Library

One subtle quality separates a good interior designer from a great one. Good designers have tunnel vision when decorating a room and focus on creating a standalone moment. Great designers know that no room exists in isolation and that every space contributes to a home's overall narrative. It doesn't take an expert to see that Elizabeth McNellis and Alex Litman of Flatiron27, the interior designers behind this project, are great designers.

When the duo first saw their client's home in tree-lined Greenwich Village, they knew it had serious potential. Housed in a historic 1928 building, the pre-war apartment had a mix of Italianate and English details and modern amenities, thanks to a 2008 renovation. Their brief? To create a timeless home that still felt young and modern.

The home's owners, a young family with four children, wanted a space that was both family-friendly and good for entertaining, McNellis tells MyDomaine. "We described their aesthetic and the project as 'boho classic,'" she says. Take a look inside the now-completed three-bedroom apartment and see how they turned it into a memorable, inviting family home. 

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