We're Swooning Over This Aussie Designer's First U.S. Collection

Updated 04/18/19

Courtesy of Greg Natale 

Australian interior designer Greg Natale is known for his timeless, high-end home décor and for the first time he's bringing his signature style the U.S.—well, to Bergdorf Goodman to be specific.

Named one of the Top Fifteen Designers in the World by Architectural Digest and awarded the Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year Award not once, but twice, Natale has certainly earned his place amongst the other prolific designers whose work has been displayed at the iconic department store.

The designer's first signature line of home accessories and decorative objects in the U.S. is now available at Bergdorf Goodman as well as on Natale's own site. A luxurious collection, it contains fifty items, including handmade boxes, vases, trays, bookends, and catchalls. All of the pieces are crafted from glamorous materials like marble, brass, travertine, pen shell, and stone.

"In my interior design work, I am always on the hunt for special collectible accessories. Sometimes when you are unable to find exactly what you're looking for you have to roll up your sleeves and create it yourself," Natale explains in a press release.

The result of Natale's creative work is a collection of truly timeless, yet contemporary pieces just as impressive as his striking interior projects.

"This collection is years in development and is born from seeking out and working with artisans from around the world," Natale says. "My hope is that they will evoke joy and be treated as heirlooms."

Ahead, shop a few items from the designer's latest collection.

Trident Brass Bowl
Greg Natale Trident Brass Bowl $792

A bowl made of solid, hand-polished brass, this decorative object is the definition of glamorous. Display it on a coffee table or shelf for a touch of metallic shine.

Polar Bookend Nero and Fiore
Greg Natale Polar Bookend Nero and Fiore $771

These marble bookends were inspired by the modern, structural architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. Made of Fiore and Nero marble, they'll stand out on any bookshelf.

Rope Bowl Bianco
Greg Natale Rope Bowl Bianco $1303

This hard-carved bowl features a minimalistic modern design reminiscent of a thick rope. Use it as a catchall dish for your keys or let it stand alone as a sculptural piece.

Beehive Box Large Travertine
Greg Natale Beehive Box Large Travertine $698

Inspired by the shape of a beehive and carved from travertine material, this piece acts as a decorative object and as a storage box for small items.

Diane Tray Small
Greg Natale Diane Tray Small $2792

This marble tray features a combination of Bianco and Rosso marble, travertine, and brass materials for a warm, artistic look. It would look luxe displayed on a coffee table in the living room.

Metropolis Box Bianco
Greg Natale Metropolis Box Bianco $707

A decorative box perfect for holding jewelry or other small, special items, this simple piece is made from Bianco marble with delicate brass detail on the top.

Trident Brass Bowl
Greg Natale Trident Brass Bowl $792

A luxe, brass bowl to sit on a shelf or console table, this piece is sure to catch the eye with it's gleaming metallic material.

Dynasty Vase Quattro
Greg Natale Dynasty Vase Quattro $3859

Whether or not you fill this vase with fresh botanicals, it makes for a stunning sculptural item featuring Nero marble and brass. Use it to hold fresh flowers, dried pampas grass, or nothing at all.

Neimeyer Bowl Medium Rosso
Greg Natale Niemeyer Bowl Medium Rosso $1237

This bowl features a rich shade or Rosso marble that looks almost like a terracotta hue of orange. It's a beautifully saturated decorative piece perfect for the kitchen or living room.

Vault Box Zebrano and Fiore
Greg Natale Vault Box Zebrano and Fiore $956

Two completely different marbles—Zebrano and Fiore—contrast with one another on this black and white box. Leave it out on your desk and use it to hold small objects in style.

Beehive Box Small Rosso
Greg Natale Beehive Box Small Rosso $662

This small box features a cylindrical base and a domed lid perfect for storing away precious items. Ripples of Rosso marble coat the exterior of the shapely piece.

Pillar Vase Large Zebrano and Fiore
Greg Natale Pillar Vase Large Zebrano and Fiore $2238

What better object to use as a centerpiece than this black and white marble vase. Its sturdy shape and striking design would look stunning in the middle of a dining room table with delicate stems inside.

Niemeyer Bowl Large Fiore
Greg Natale Niemeyer Bowl Large Fiore $1444

Allow this large contemporary bowl crafted with Fiore marble to make a statement in your home. Inspired by Niemeyer's work, it can be both decorative and functional.

Plinth Bowl Rosso
Greg Natale Plinth Bowl Rosso $682

This plinth bowl made of Rosso marble makes for a fashionable catchall dish. Leave it on a console table in the front entryway by the door to hold your keys and other small items or use it to store jewelry on a vanity.

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