7 Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Recipes That Make Us Melt

Updated 09/29/17

Basking in the full glory of lazy Sunday? We've got lunch covered—and it will only take 20 minutes or less. Every now and again, our Pinterest cruising leads to some inventive discoveries. Clever twists on our favorite easy dishes are all it takes to spice up a kitchen routine. The grilled cheese is at the top of our list of recipes you need to master in your 20s. The ubiquitous, well-loved meal is a staple that's well worth perfecting. If you can put your own signature spin on it, well, that's double points, in our book.

Enter our list of grilled cheese sandwiches we never knew we always wanted. We're about to run through a medley of combinations that include everything from bacon preserves to chocolate. Quite frankly, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the tried-and-true bread-cheese-butter combination. Then again, we are of an adventurous spirit. Peanut butter, you say? We're listening…

grilled cheese sandwich recipe
How Sweet It Is

Grilled Fontina Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwich

The imaginative combination of fontina cheese with fresh blackberries and fragrant basil makes How Sweet It Is's sweet and savory invention a worthy addition to Sunday brunch. It's also one of the prettiest sandwiches to ever emerge from a skillet.

Real Food by Dad

Bacon Mac and Cheese Melt

This double-down on two dad staples, grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese, piles on extra bacon and pan-seared jalapeños. Read Food by Dad's aggressive carb-on-carb game is a full court press of comfort food faves.

Eat Good 4 Life

Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwich

We love a well-edited classic. What we like best about Eat Good 4 Life's recipe is it's an easy one for kids to master on their own. Hit up the farmers market together to score some ultra fresh produce, and then let the young ones take a spin at mastering their grilling technique.


Smoked Swiss and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Vegetarians and die-hard carnivores alike will be delighted by NeighborFood's smoky swiss–and–savory mushroom sandwich. It's the perfect outdoor indulgence to keep you toasty as the weather turns cold. 

How Sweet It Is

Caramelized Peach, Mascarpone, and Dark Chocolate Grilled Cheese

If you're more into sweet than savory, How Sweet It Is's indulgent, chocolate-laden treat is for you. The perfect end-of-summer treat, this recipe capitalizes on stone fruit season with this caramelized peach and nectarine.

Foodie Crush

Fried Green Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A down-home Southern favorite, fried green tomatoes are practically an institution. Pairing the texture rich treat with Monterey jack cheese gives Foodie Crush's grilled cheese extra layers of delicious depth.

Real Food by Dad

"Elvis" Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Another family-friendly invention from dad foodie blogger Matt Robinson of Real Food by Dad, this banana, bacon, and peanut butter number pays homage to Elvis's favorite sandwich. The King's legendary affinity for the midnight snack granted the PB& J Fool's Gold sandwich legendary status. This version takes it to new heights with the help of roasted bananas, fontina cheese, and bacon jam.

Have an insanely awesome grilled cheese recipe? Share it with us in the comments. 

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