The $3 Net Grocery Bag That French Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With

Updated 01/31/18

If Paris Fashion Week street style is any indication, your reusable net grocery bag may double as an on-trend fashion accessory. That's according to Who What Wear Editor in Chief Kat Collings, who is currently scouring 2018 trends at Paris Fashion Week. "The number one thing I've seen on the streets is a colorful net grocery bag," she told MyDomaine.

Believe it or not, fashion and street style influencers are actually repurposing the French-style grocery bags as casual vessels for their sunglasses, wallets, and snacks. While you would think that the large holes deem these bags impractical, they simply force you to purge the many unnecessary knickknacks that typically take up space in your purse.

Add this on-trend accessory to your wardrobe for just $3 on Amazon, or shop a few more upscale options below:

Collected by The Line Filt Large Net Bag $18
Staud Clothing Moreau Bucket Bag $375
NetNeed Reusable Net Shopping Tote $21 $8
Dreamyth French Reusable Grocery Bag $3
Cosmos Net Shopping Tote Bag $7

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