21 Great Groomsmen Gifts for the Big Day

Your wedding day may be the happiest day of your life, but often all that excitement can make you a nervous wreck. It’s totally normal and precisely why groomsmen were invented (note: not a fact). Nothing will keep you calm, cool, and collected before you say “I do” quite like having your best bros by your side. The groomsmen gift is your chance to show your buds how much you appreciate them donning a tux and standing next to you on the altar. Spend some time thinking about your groomsmen’s personalities and hobbies when picking out a gift; foodies will love a Himalayan salt BBQ plank, dapper fellas will thank you for some custom brass collar stays, and any guy will appreciate a leather-handled hammer. See below for more gifts that will give your groomsmen one more reason to be glad they witnessed your knot-tying.