9 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Feel Unwell

I’ll never forget the first (and only) time I had a wheatgrass shot. My sister promised it would help cure my hangover with a much-needed energy boost. However, 30 minutes after I consumed the ill-tasting green shot, I did not feel good. My heart was racing, my hands were shaking, and I was nauseous. Not all nutritious foods can leave you feeling great, and a recent article on Health points out that certain healthy items can make you feel tired, gassy, heavy, and bloated. “Sometimes, eating good-for-you food can cause some unpleasant side effects if you eat too much or aren't careful with when and how you consume them,” Maggie Puniewska explains. So which seemingly good-for-you foods might be making you feel ill? Here are nine culprits.

  1. Whole grains like whole-wheat pasta or toast are filled with fiber, and eating too much fiber at once can cause belching, bloating, and gas.
  2. Almond milk: Some brands of store-bought almond milk have a thickening agent derived from seaweed that is linked to digestive problems and inflammatory bowel disease. Check the label on your almond milk and if it has carrageenan; it could be the cause of your discomfort.
  3. Green tea is similar to coffee in that it has a high amount of caffeine. If drinking it makes you feel woozy, switch to a decaffeinated herbal tea.
  4. Dairy: Even if you aren’t lactose intolerant, overindulging in Greek yogurt can result in diarrhea and gas.
  5. Beans: As Puniewska candidly puts it, “There's good reason the magical fruit has a song dedicated to its gas-inducing powers.” It really does give you gas!
  6. Chewing gum is known to keep teeth healthy, but chewing too much of it means you’re swallowing a lot of air. This air gets trapped in the intestines; it makes you feel full and can cause gas.
  7. Pressed juices can be filled with sugar, and consuming a glass could make your blood sugar spike and then fall. This leaves you sleepy and hungry.
  8. Nutrition bars can fuel you up before you hit the gym, but some are made with items that will make you feel extra full and have an excessive amount of fiber. If that’s the case, you may end up with cramps during your workout.
  9. Instant oatmeal can be high in sugar and low in fiber. This will cause your blood sugar to skyrocket and then plummet.

To learn more about the effects of different foods on your body, read Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal.

Have you ever eaten a healthy item and felt unpleasant afterward?