30 Guest Bathroom Essentials That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Space

Guest Bathroom Essentials

Design: D. L. Rhein, Photo: Amy Bartlam 

We all know how much of a difference keeping your bathroom clean and fresh makes, and this is particularly crucial in the guest bathroom. Not only do you want to make a stylish impression, but you also want to make your friends and family feel at home. So if you're planning on having some visitors over, or you simply want to freshen up your space with more elevated items, consider our comprehensive shopping guide your solution to avoid any overlooked details. From clever shower storage and to ideal lighting to natural cleaning products, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling for our guest bathroom ideas!

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Toilet Paper Stand

Brass hexagonal standing toilet paper holder
CB2 Hex Brass StandingToilet Paper Holder $50.00

Make sure there's always extra toilet paper within reach in case the roll runs out. This stand makes that possible, while also giving your guest bathroom a stylish flair. 

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Toilet Brush

Nexus Black Marble Toilet Brush
CB2 Nexus Black Marble Toilet Brush $30.00

Don't forget to keep a toilet brush and/or plunger nearby in case of emergency. Trust us—your guests will be forever grateful. This marble one is pretty enough to avoid being a total eyesore in your guest bathroom.

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Post-Poo Drops

Post Poo Drops
Aesop Post-Poo Drops $29.00

A good host goes above and beyond to make their houseguests feel comfortable. This small detail will do just that. These post-poo drops are also kind of funny, given the seriousness of the packaging. 

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Reading Material

Kinfolk issue #36
Kinfolk Volume 36 $23.00

In a bathroom, you need reading material for both style and in case your guests need a way to pass the time. If you don't have room for a magazine rack or etagere, just place them on top of the toilet tank.

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White lacquered wastebasket
Jonathan Adler Lacquer Wastebasket $58.00

If you've ever gone over to someone's house without a wastebasket in the bathroom (yes, it happens), you know just how transformative this item is. This one merges style with function.

Use a stylish soap pump to disguise the more affordable liquid soap in a prettier package.

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Reed Diffuser

Apotheke reed diffuser
Apotheke Hinoki Lavender Reed Diffuser $48.00

A fragrance that keeps the bathroom smelling nice and fresh can make all the difference. This diffuser is pretty, so it won't clash with your interiors. 

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Toothbrush Cup

Black marble toothbrush holder
CB2 Nexus Black Marble Toothbrush Holder $13.00

Place a slim container by the sink for toothbrush storage. Bonus points if you stock toothpaste in it or in a drawer nearby.

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Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer's hand soap
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap $4.00

Mrs. Meyer's plant-derived products don't just smell delicious, but they also get the job done. We love the unique radish scent of this one, but if you're more into floral notes, we understand.

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Soap Pump

soap pump
CB2 Rubber Coated Soap Pump $8.00

Don't stress if your hand soap doesn't come in a fancy bottle. Use a stylish soap pump to disguise the more affordable liquid soap in a prettier package. 

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Tissue Box

tissue box
CB2 White Rubber Coated Tissue Box Cover $20.00

A sleek tissue box cover or makeshift dispenser will elevate the average drugstore purchase. This white one adds a clean, modern touch to your bathroom.

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Bath Towels

bath towel
Crate & Barrel Ribbed Bath Towels $35.00

Place a freshly laundered and folded bath towel on their pillow or at the end of their bed so they know which one they can use. 

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Crate & Barrel Organic White Turkish Bath Mat $25.00

A neutral bathmat right outside the shower or bath will keep their feet warm and absorb any puddles.

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Hand Towel

White and grey striped hand towel
ABC Carpet & Home White and Natural Meyzer Hand Towel $35.00 $26.00

Opt for a stylish hand towel that's both useful and pretty. This one is neutral enough to blend in with almost any décor scheme.

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Area Rug

area rug
Anthropologie Vashti Rug $68.00

Since there isn't much surface area for anything that isn't purely functional in a bathroom, an area rug is a great way to warm up the space with a pop of color. 

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First Aid Box

White metal first aid box
Harbour Housewares Industrial First Aid Box $50.00

Having ibuprofen, bandages, and other basic first-aid items on hand is a must. Your guests will seriously appreciate it. 

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Vase with Flowers

Teal, cracked glass bud vase
West Elm Bright Ceramicist Vase $15.00 $8.00

A pretty vase full of fresh flowers will instantly beautify the bathroom. Choose a stylish vase so that when you don't have guests and forgo the fresh blooms, it'll still look chic on the vanity.

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Wall Art

wall art
Gia Coppola Las Vegas Shower $160.00

Since there isn't much room for décor in the bathroom, introduce some personal style with wall art. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for one large statement piece, or choose a couple smaller framed works.

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Full-Length Mirror

Urban Outfitters Ashton Mango Wood Mirror $249.00

A full-length mirror on the back of the door or leaning against a wall in the bathroom will make getting dressed and living out of a suitcase a little less difficult.

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Extra Toothbrush

Yellow plastic toothbrush
Hay Design Tann Toothbrush $6.00

It's always nice to keep an extra toothbrush in stock in case they forget their own. 

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25mL Travel Toothpaste
Marvis Travel Toothpaste $6.00 $5.00

The same thing goes for toothpaste. We love Marvis's jasmine flavor. 

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Grooming Essentials

Essential Kit
Malin+Goetz Essential Travel Kit $32.00

Make sure the shower is stocked with all the basic grooming products in case they didn't bring their own. This kit delivers everything in one place. 

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Nexus Small Black Marble Canister
CB2 Black Marble Canister $20.00

Dress up some Q-tips and cotton balls in a charming little organizer. This one adds a sleek touch to your bathroom.

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Seating Options

Painted wood and cane Franny side table by Society Social
Society Social Franny Side Table $950.00

Giving your guests something to sit on aside from the toilet is always a good idea. A stylish multipurpose stool like this one can double as a side table for wine and candles during a long soak in the bath.

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Bath Caddy

Brass bath caddy with loofas and soap in it
Anthropologie Sylvie Bath Caddy $78.00

Whether you hang your bath caddy over the edge of the tub like this one or opt for a tray-like alternative, your guests will love the easy access to soap, loofas, and bath salts.

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Towel Hooks

Brass towel hook
Rejuvenation West Slope Knurled Hook $20.00

Placing a sleek towel hook within reach of the shower is key. No one wants to scurry in the nude to the other side of the bathroom for a towel!

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Soap Dish

Marble and brass soap dish
Williams Sonoma Home Marble and Brass Soap Dish $40.00

While some prefer liquid soap, others would rather use classic bar soap. A glossy soap dish will keep your guests from making a mess on your countertops. We love a good metallic accent, too.

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Serene Shower Curtain

White and black shower curtain
The Citizenry Chilka Shower Curtain $125.00

Pale shower curtains tend to be easier on the eyes than bold, colorful ones. White and light gray make your bathroom feel a little bit bigger, too. If you want to implement pattern in your space, opt for something simple and clean.

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Plush Bathrobe

White terrycloth bathrobe with navy edges
Weezie Towels Women's Long Robe $175.00

One of everyone's favorite things about staying in a hotel is the fluffy robe. Keeping a clean, cozy bathrobe on the back of the door will make your guests feel like they're in the lap of luxury.

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Hand Lotion

Le Labo hand lotion
Le Labo Basil Hand Lotion $33.00

Nothing feels more soothing than a refreshing moisturizer after washing your hands, so keep a bottle of hand lotion handy in your guest bathroom at all times.

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Succulents in blush-colored pots
The Sill The Sunny Sill Duo $49.00

Ever notice that most spas are dotted with greenery? Plants have been known to add a calming element to a space, so we highly recommend placing a succulent or two somewhere in your guest bathroom. The best part? You only need to water it once a week. If you're feeling bold, you can even learn to start your own succulent garden.