This Is What a Perfect Day on a Plate Looks Like for Your Gut

Updated 08/16/17
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The health and wellness world is slowly dissolving the mystery surrounding gut health, and people like professor Kerryn Phelps and dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers are leading the charge. The two Australian authors have just come out with a new book, The Mystery Gut, to help people understand their so-called "second brains." The two recently spoke with The Daily Mail regarding their new book and broke down exactly what gut health is, how you can assess your own gut health, and what a perfect day on a plate looks like for your gut. In Chambers's own words, this is what your microbiome would like you to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

"Breakfast: Oats with a banana or some berries will give you both fiber and something nourishing for the gut. A dollop of natural yogurt on top will add a probiotic to the mix.

"Mid-morning snack: Crackers will add more fiber to the diet. Add a healthy fat such as avocado smeared on top.

"Lunch: Make sure half of your plate is filled with vegetables and also incorporate some complex carbohydrates and protein. Brown rice or whole wheat bread work well here. This should ideally be a bigger meal than dinner.

"Afternoon snack: Enjoy your second piece of fruit—perhaps something with the skin on it like an apple or pear which is good for the gut—and a handful of nuts.

"Dinner: Your plate should be 50% vegetables plus some easily digested protein and complex carbs. Lentils or legumes are a great choice at dinnertime as they are fantastic for bowel health."

Head over to The Daily Mail for more from the authors of The Mystery Gut, and share your go-to gut healthy foods in the comments.

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