Gwyneth Paltrow's Perfectly Organized Pantry Is Nothing Short of Mesmerizing

When I hear the name Gwyneth Paltrow, a muted color palette, a smattering of fresh vegetables, and a touch of meticulous organization generally come to mind. Unsurprisingly, her immaculate pantry is the most on-brand actualization of that vision, per a recent Instagram from The Home Edit.

The creative director of Goop recently enlisted the home organization service to give her pantry a face-lift, and the results are visually stunning as well as oddly satisfying. True to form, The Home Edit managed to transform a regular food storage space into an organizational work of art, complete with color-coordinated baskets and handwritten labels.

"If you're a busy parent who has a time-consuming job, you're not going to want to empty every box of pasta and cereal into jars when you get home from the grocery store," The Home Edit says of its approach. "Almost every pantry can be divided into breakfast, dinner, snacks, sweet snacks, baking, and cooking. By grouping items into large categories, you won't get stuck with something that doesn't have a home."

Peek inside Paltrow's stunning kitchen pantry below, and share your thoughts on the makeover in the comments.


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Opening image credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images