3 Things Genuinely Happy People Do Every Day, Says a Life Coach

Updated 02/10/17
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Although our society rewards us for our personal and professional successes, genuine happiness is arguably one of the most important things in life. Without it, the weight of life's many joys will fail to impress upon you, leaving you in constant search for the next party, partner, or career milestone.

Fortunately, all is not lost if you've succumbed to negative thought patterns or a what's next? mentality. As happiness strategist and life coach Kristi Ling explains for Prevention, "Developing new habits, retraining your brain, and shifting your mindsets take time and dedication before the magical change happens and they become second nature." Simply taking note of the lifestyle habits of genuinely happy people is a great place to start. 

They Put Effort Into Optimism

Optimism isn't a naturally ingrained trait—if anything, our ancestors relied on negative perceptions and a fight-or-flight mentality in order to survive. But "the happiest people know an optimistic outlook is imperative to emotional wellness, quality of life, and even the outcome of some situations," explains Ling. "They put added, deliberate effort into being positive and encouraging others to be positive as well."

They Prioritize Mindfully

Spending time with friends, doing the activities you enjoy, and just having fun deserve a place on your to-do list too. And the happiest people know that. "Happy people have trained themselves to align their choices, intentions, and actions with the highest priorities of love, happiness, and health," she writes. "They put joy, love, health, and passion first; the rest follows."

They Know What Lifts Them Up

Happy people aren't immune to a bad day—they just know what to do to lift them out of it. "Everyone's different, but we all have those little spirit-lifters that instantly make us feel lighter, happier, and more energized. These resources cost very little or nothing at all and don't take a ton of effort, but they provide noticeable results," explains Ling. Try listening to an uplifting playlist, lighting a candle, or curling up with a cup of feel good tea to ease you out of a bad day.

How do you make an effort to be happy every day? Share your experience with us below.

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