Yes, Life Is Hard, but It Doesn't Have to Be

Life is hard. It’s an age-old truth that becomes more and more apparent as responsibilities pile up the older we get. As humans, our job is to do the best we can while we can, and part of that means developing the necessary tools to make our lives easier. Those tools can come in the form of external forces, like a smartphone for instance, or they can be developed internally, through exercises like meditation and introspection.

One person who has thought long and hard about the things we can do to make life easier is Yuri Kurman, a “master career strategist and startup executive, according to He was asked “What are 50 things that everyone can do go make life easier?” on Quora recently, and Kurman responded in kind. “These have kept me sane and productive through massive setbacks and heartbreak — and successes, too,” he wrote.

Some universal guidelines that we should all adhere to include getting the proper amount of sleep, being productive in the morning, and going for a walk every day. According to Eric J. Olson, MD, the average adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep a night. That will lead to you feeling refreshed in the morning instead of groggy, making that walk a pleasure instead of a chore.

Kurman also suggests losing all the clutter in your home and your life. “It keeps you tied to the past, whereas you should be living in the present and focusing on a better future,” he says. “Keep what you accumulate to a minimum.” One thing you should keep, however, is a journal. Kurman finds that “few things are more fulfilling and better for gaining perspective than finding your old impressions years later.”

Other mini habits you should adopt to help you live your best life include judging people less, being forgiving, and listening more than you speak. For more of Kurman’s tips on how to make life easier, visit

Make your life easier with a copy of Life Hacks and let us know what small habits you’ve adopted to help you live your best life.