The 15-Minute Workout Hailee Steinfeld Does When There's No Time for Exercise

On a clear and sunny day in Los Angeles, you can see each and every home that dots the West Hollywood Hills, all with their own unique architectural features, sizes, and stature. Today is one of those classic sunny and 75°F days, and I lace up my running shoes, hop in the car and plug an address into my GPS that takes me north on Doheny Drive through the winding roads of the proverbial hills. I'm taken up narrow streets surrounded by the homes of producers, screenwriters, musicians, and actors alike (or so I imagine). When I reach my destination, I wander into the backyard of a property that boasts views of both the sprawling cityscape below and the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and LeBron James above on the next street over (or so I'm told). 

It seems fitting then that it's here I sit down with Academy Award–nominated actress and singer, Hailee Steinfeld. The young star is preparing to go on tour with Katy Perry before she begins filming her new series for Apple, Dickinson. In order to stay in peak physical condition to withstand long rehearsals and demanding performances, Steinfeld turns to her personal trainer—who also happens to be her dad—to keep her in tip-top shape. She's become such a fitness maven that she's now a brand ambassador for activewear line Mission. We spend some time talking about food, fitness, and balance before she and her father, Peter Steinfeld, give me a taste of the real thing: a typical pre-tour circuit workout.