Hailey Baldwin on Her Intense Diet and Life as a Supermodel

I had a feeling I would like Hailey Baldwin. My suspicions started last February when she did Self Service's questionnaire. The magazine asked Baldwin to name her least favorite word and least favorite sound, to which she replied "panties" and "airplane toilets flushing." These are my least favorite word and sound. What are the odds? Six months later, when I learned I'd be speaking with the model in honor of Sephora's 400th North American store opening on Chicago's Michigan Avenue, it felt like kismet. I knew we'd have tons to talk about.

It's been a busy year for Baldwin. Her 2016 calendar has overflowed with campaigns and runway shows for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Moschino, and H&M. She's appeared in Vogue Korea and graced the cover of Marie Claire. Meanwhile, her personal beauty look is "glowing up" at the same pace. Baldwin is quickly joining the ranks of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as one of the decade's foremost beauty It girls.

Sadly, I couldn't get to Chicago in time to meet Baldwin in person at the new Sephora store, so we settled to chat by phone. Minor setback—even from 2000 miles away, Baldwin's relaxed, personable demeanor was crystal-clear. She bears all the symptoms of a supermodel on the rise: the down-to-earth attitude and slight sense of bewilderment at what her life is becoming. 

I only had 10 minutes with Baldwin, so we really packed it in. To learn all about her model diet, her celebrity crush, and her ride-or-die beauty products, keep scrolling.