This Crazy-Good Treatment Made My Air-Dried Hair Look Like a Blowout

I'll preface this article by admitting that I definitely didn't have unruly hair to begin with—more wavy hair that had a tendency to frizz when air-dried. But ever since I had my son (he's now 10 years old), more and more curls have started sprouting from underneath my hair, and I still have a ton of baby hairs that are so fine they usually result in pesky flyaways that cannot be tamed with any amount of frizz-free shampoo or style cremes. In fact, they often weigh my hair down and make it greasy. 

As a result, I have been blowdrying my hair (and either straightening it or curling it with an iron) religiously every day (even in 90-degree summer heat) for at least 10 years. No word of a lie. So when I heard about the Cezanne straightening treatment, a natural formaldehyde-free treatment, from my colleague Victoria Hoff at Byrdie that tamed her thick wavy hair (2B S-curls, to be specific), I couldn't wait to give it a try and see the results for myself. 

I sought out someone to do the treatment and found Tania Whittier, a hairdresser for over 20 years who has been working her hair magic at Meche Salon since it opened in 2015. She works closely with the owner and celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham (she is responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow's blonde and Emma Stone's red among many others).

"Everyone asks about Tracey and honestly no one works harder," Whittier tells me. "Because of her schedule, everyone in the salon gets the opportunity to collaborate with celebrity clientele. I've been working with Julia Louis Dreyfus, Kristen Bell, and numerous others. I've also been able to travel with Tracey to Spain and Australia for work. It's a pretty great job."

After so many years of doing hair, the one thing that keeps Whittier inspired and motivated is "making people feel and look expensive," and I can honestly say (spoiler alert) that the Cezanne treatment has definitely made me feel and look exactly that.

What's different about this hair straightening treatment compared to others on the market? Well, I had the Cezanne treatment on August 3 and have documented my air-dried hair after two weeks, one month, and two months post-treatment so you can clearly see how incredible this treatment is. Honestly, my hair just gets better every time I wash it, but I'll let the results speak for themselves. Read on to find out more about this natural hair straightening treatment and why it's absolutely worth the $450.