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17 Hall Closet Organization Ideas That Will Keep Clutter at Bay

hall closet with no door and linens

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Do you know what's inside your hall closet? Hiding inside are probably a few old coats, some shoes, a rusty umbrella, and maybe even your vacuum, crammed into a narrow corner. Either way, it's probably a mess.

Don't stress—we put together 17 hall closet organization ideas that will help get your coat closet back in tip-top shape, whether you use it for storing winter gear, Windex, or whatever else needs to be hidden away.

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Use All of Your Hall Closet For Storage—Including Your Door

hall closet used for wrapping station

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Hall closets are often narrow, cramped, and tiny. So, it's important to squeeze as much into the space as you can.

One way to do this is to utilize your closet's door. Over-the-door storage racks and hooks can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding a spot for extra coats, bags, or, as in the case of this closet, gift-wrapping supplies.

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No Hall Closet? Add Your Own With a Wardrobe

neat method wardrobe hall closet

Neat Method

Not every home has a hall closet, but these small spaces, despite how unorganized and chaotic they may be, are invaluable. If you're missing one, consider adding a wardrobe to your space instead.

A wardrobe can add the storage you need without the hassle of a renovation. It can be painted to match the style of the rest of your home, or it can be up-cycled to give it some extra flair.

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Use Your New Best Friends, Tiny Bins

hall closet with small bins

Mika Perry

A hall closet, especially if it's near your entryway, can often be a catch-all for all kinds of things, from keys to mail to extra face masks. Keep the clutter from piling up by utilizing small labeled storage bins.

Each bin becomes an item's home, making sure everything you need has a space—and your hall closet stays exquisitely organized through it all.

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Make Your Hall Closet an Extension of Your Own Personal Style

styled hall closet from casa watkins

Casa Watkins Living

Your hall closet doesn't need to be boring or basic. With a few easy additions, your closet can reflect your favorite style choices in the rest of your home, and it can be personalized with fun mementos.

A small patterned rug can keep the floor clean while adding a pop of color. Wooden hangers provide an elegant touch, while hanging photo frames remind you of your favorite memories.

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Use See-Through Storage to Help Find Things Faster

hall closet with see-through storage

A Fresh Space

Easy-to-find and affordable plastic shoe boxes save the day when it comes to finding exactly what you need in your hall closet. With the help of a label-maker and an afternoon, you can have a functional and organized hall closet.

If you don't have a whole closet to devote to storage bins, you can still add a few on your top shelf, or create a small rack of them towards the bottom for the same effect.

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Break Out the Baskets and Bins

hall closet with baskets and bins

Breathing Room Organization and Style

Now is the time to put your basket collection to work. C'mon, we all have one—you can only resist buying so many beautiful baskets.

Bring out the fabric bins too: there's no reason your storage containers need to be boring. For an extra put-together look, try to coordinate the bins.

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Utilize It for More Than Coats and Shoes

hall closet with cleaning supplies

Neat Method

If you live in a warmer climate or have another space for winter coats and shoes, your hall closet can be a helpful organizational space for other items too: like cleaning supplies. Small bins with handles can hold all the cleaning supplies needed for a room, minimizing the search for that one bottle of Windex you swore you left in the bathroom.

Your hall closet can also hold pet supplies, sports gear, or anything else you need to store. Remember: it's your home, and only you can decide what the purpose of each space is.

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Keep Similar Things Together

hall closet with similar things grouped together

Breathing Room Organization and Style

Your hall closet will look better and will function better if you organize like items together. There's a pleasing visual effect that happens when you group all the toilet paper, winter coats, or rain boots together.

Additionally, it will be so much easier to grab what you need when similar things are kept together. You'll be able to reach for that shelf full of paper towels with just a cursory glance.

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Add Shelves and Add Functionality

hall closet with shelves and shiplap

Breathing Room Organization and Style

Sometimes, your hall closet's single shelf and curtain rod just won't cut it. When that happens, it's time to break out the power tools and add a few shelves.

Adding shelves allows for easier storage of smaller, compact items like books, cleaning supplies, and whatever other knick-knacks you need to store away.

Make sure to place the items in matching bins for a composed, minimalist look.

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Paint Your Hall Closet for a Pop Of Color

hall closet door painted blue

Casa Watkins Living

There's no rule that says your hall closet door must remain the same builder-basic shade of dull white. Instead, mix it up a bit with some one-of-a-kind color.

Bright and brilliant color is an easy way to draw eyes to an oft-forgotten space, and if your hall closet is in your entryway, a colorful door is an exciting way to welcome guests into your home.

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Make It Minimalist

minimalist hall closet

Breathing Room Organization and Style

There's no need to fit everything you possibly can in your hall closet. Why? Your stuff will get lost, and your space will stress you out. Instead, go for the pared-down approach.

Keep only what is seasonally needed in your hall closet—don't let your winter parka take up precious space come mid-July. Instead, go through seasonal declutters for relaxing and functional space.

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Don't Waste Extra-High Space

hall closet with extra high shelving

Neat Method

If you've been blessed with 10+ feet-tall ceilings, don't waste that precious storage space. Take your hall closet beyond a shelf and a clothing rod by adding on extra-high shelves.

Of course, these shelves will probably require a step-stool to access them, so only put things on them that you don't need to access often, like out-of-season gear and clothing.

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Make Storage Work for Your Space

hall closet with tight storage

Finding Lovely

If your closet is tight, don't fret. Instead, look for storage solutions that will make the most of your teeny-tiny space. Tall and skinny bins or baskets can maximize height while minimizing wasted space.

If your closet is the other way around—lots of wide shelves with very little height—look for storage that's long and short.

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Build a Bench

hall closet with bench

Pure Salt Interiors, Photography by Vanessa Lentine

For a custom hall closet look, build a bench. A small bench provides the perfect place to put on and take off shoes, and it creates a cozy nook in an oft-forgotten space. For bonus points, use the space under the bench for storage. A few baskets will do the job nicely, as will some drawers.

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Do More With Built-In Storage

hall closet with built-ins

Neat Method

If you're in the middle of a mudroom reno, consider adding in some built-in hall-closet-style storage. Built-ins can be customized to fit your needs, and they can often seamlessly match the style of the rest of your home. Use baskets and bins to store what you need, and utilize shoe cabinets to hide away dirt and mud.

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Remove the Door for Easy Access

hall closet with no door and linens

Style It Pretty Home

If your hall closet holds your prettiest linens and your favorite baskets that you can't bear to hide away, show them off. Remove your hall closet door for a bold look and call it the open shelving of the hallway. As a bonus, an exposed hall closet will force you to keep the space organized, as it will be open for all to see.

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Color Match and Coordinate

hall closet with matching linens

Neat Method

For a perfectly put-together look, consider color-matching the contents of your hall closet. This is easiest to do when you're storing linens or matching bins, but it can be done with coats and shoes, too.

For coats and shoes, arrange items by color for a fun and unique color-gradient look. Because nothing says rainy-day cheer like a rainbow of outerwear.