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17 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for Halloween

It's time to kick off spooky season.

Halloween decorated bedroom

Photo: Home and Spirit; Graphic: MyDomaine

When decorating for Halloween, it’s easy to overlook your bedroom. Trick-or-treaters show up on your doorstep, so your foyer and front porch get plenty of love, and since living rooms and dining rooms are Halloween party hotspots, they get lots of decorative attention, too. 

But your bedroom is your space—it’s where you spend most of your time. Sure, your Halloween bedroom décor may not wow your houseguests or scare your trick-or-treaters. But it can get you in the spooky season spirit, and that counts for a lot.

So once you’ve put out your jack-o-lanterns, lined your entryway with cobwebs, and filled your home with way too many pumpkins, turn your attention to your bedroom. Light some spooky candles, hang a few festive garlands, and bookmark more Halloween bedroom décor ideas than you know what to do with.

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Set the Mood With Halloween Candles

A woven tray topped with skeletons and fall candles

Home and Spirit

Kick off your decorating process by lighting a few festive candles. This step is a fun one to start with, because it’s pretty discreet. If your candles boast a classic fall scent—like apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice—you can get away with lighting them the moment the seasons change.

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Replace Your Lightbulbs

A console table decorated with a stack of books, a small pumpkin, and two table lamps light with orange-pink bulbs


Set the tone in your space by switching out your lightbulbs. Remove the standard bulbs from every lamp in your bedroom, and replace them with spooky alternatives—like black lights or orange bulbs. Then, flip off your overhead light, and let the lamps create some serious mood lighting in your bedroom.

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Put a Jack-o-Lantern in Your Bedroom

A bedroom decorated with fairy lights, candles, and a jack-o-lantern on a plate

Herzen Stimme

Most jack-o-lanterns live outside. But yours doesn’t have to. So if you’ve carved a masterpiece you feel proud of, light it with a faux candle and keep it on a plate. Those precautions should keep your pumpkin from making a mess of your bedroom, allowing you to enjoy a festive pop of décor that’s charming and unexpected.

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Put Pumpkins on Your Nightstand

A neutral bedroom with a small nightstand topped with several fabric pumpkins

Modernly You

It’s acceptable to decorate with pumpkins as soon as fall arrives. So stock up on the pretty gourds, and stick them on your nightstand. Score pumpkins in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors. Or snag some fabric pumpkins you can whip out every year.

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Hang a Garland Over Your Bed

A bedroom decorated with a pumpkin garland, tiny skeletons, and a single bat

Home and Spirit

Dress up your walls by draping a garland over your bed. Snag a festive option lined with pumpkins, ghosts, or bats. Or keep things subtle with a garland lined with orange and black tassels.

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Switch Out Your Bedding

A bedroom decorated with orange bedding and several white pumpkins

JC Design

Go all in on Halloween by switching out your bedding—and we don’t just mean cycling in fall favorites, like flannel sheets and fluffy duvets. By topping your bed with an orange comforter, you can transform your bedroom into an autumnal paradise.

You can use throw pillows and blankets to flesh out your palette, leaning as much or as little into Halloween as you want to.

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Drape Mesh Over Your Mirrors

A fireplace decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, bat garlands, and a black-mesh-lined mirror

Modern House Vibes

Put an elevated spin on classic cobweb décor by stocking up on mesh and draping it over your mirrors.  Since mesh is sleeker than the stretchy faux spider webs you often find in haunted houses, it’ll add some spooky style to your bedroom without making your space too kitschy.

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Line Your Shelves With Décor

Shelves topped with pumpkins, bats, and a "hello fall" sign

Finding Lovely

One classic way to decorate for Halloween? Line your shelves with décor. Trade vases of fresh flowers for bowls of pumpkins, stock up on spooky figurines, and consider filling your frames with festive signs—instead of standard art and photographs.

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Put Skeletons in Unexpected Places

A lounge corner decorated with a small skeleton sitting atop a stool

mStarr Design

Have fun with your Halloween décor by investing in a single skeleton and putting it in different places around your room. Place the skeleton on a chair, seat it at your desk, or prop it up so it’s lounging on your bed. Before you know it, you’ll be playing a Halloween-friendly game of Elf on the Shelf—though you might want to expand beyond your bedroom to keep things interesting.

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Hang Holiday-Appropriate Art

A chest of drawers decorated with a ghost, a spider, and a framed illustration of a skeleton

mStarr Design

Want to keep your décor set-up minimal? Instead of adding more décor to your bedroom, swap out your everyday pieces and add Halloween ones in their place. Replace the art lining your walls with eerie photographs or spooky illustrations. And fill your frames with art that gets you in the Halloween spirit.

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Dress Up Your Wardrobe

A bedroom wardrobe topped with two fabric pumpkins

Modernly You

In any bedroom, there are just a few focal points: your bed, your nightstand, and your wardrobe, so be sure to dress all of them up. By adding eye-catching pieces to each of these three major areas, you can make your room feel festive, without buying an overwhelming amount of décor.

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Line Your Wall With Bats

A bedroom wall that's lined with printed-out bats and decorated with pumpkins

Modern House Vibes

Don’t just adorn your furniture with décor—be sure to dress up your walls, too. Create swarms of adhesive ghosts or bats that trace the corners of your bedroom. Or stock up on sticky spiders and peeping eyes you can spread around your space.

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Top Your Nightstand With Fall Leaves

A small table topped with autumn leaves, a stack of books, and a straw pumpkin.

Homestead City Dwelling

Fresh flowers put the finishing touches on any nightstand. But why not treat yourself to some fall leaves, instead? The colorful leaves will add some welcome autumn shades into your bedroom’s palette. And you can pair them with other festive plants—like pumpkins—to create a Halloween-friendly tablescape on your nightstand.

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Use Sticks to Make a Spider Web

A wall decorated with a spider web made of sticks, two spooky trees, an array of pumpkins, and one dangling spider

Finding Lovely

Spruce up your Halloween décor scheme by pairing your go-to store-bought items with a few DIY pieces. (And don’t worry—handcrafted doesn’t have to mean complicated.) With a hot glue gun and a handful of sticks, you can piece together a cute spider web that’s the perfect size for any nook in your bedroom. Just add sticks to expand the web—or cut them to shrink it.

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Hang Masks Around the Room

A bedroom wall lined with shelves topped with skeletons and crows, and art topped with a masquerade mask

mStarr Design

One underrated way to get your room Halloween-ready? Let your favorite costume pieces double as décor. Whip out your masquerade masks, your cat ears, your witch hats, and your capes, and place them all over your space. Your sleek coat rack may not look very spooky. But once you’ve draped a ghost sheet over it? It’ll be the scariest thing in your room.

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Color-Coordinate Your Décor

Shelves lined with orange, black, and white decor—including several pumpkins and candlesticks

Modernly You

For a subtler take on Halloween décor, simply pare down your palette. If something isn’t orange, black, or neutral, give it the boot until November 1 rolls around. By going all in on this classic Halloween color scheme, you can make your space feel festive—without getting too literal with your décor.

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Put Tiny Pumpkins Everywhere

A bedroom corner that's been decorated with at least 14 pumpkins

JC Design

When in doubt, fill your space with tiny pumpkins. Line your shelves with pumpkins, stick pumpkins on your desk, or sneak pumpkins where you’d least expect them, like on a ledge in your closet or by your bathroom sink. The festive gourds are easy to stock up on and equally easy to decorate with. They’ll leave your room looking Halloween-friendly, even if they’re the only décor you invest in.