11 Halloween Decorating Ideas That Are Scary Good


Original Design by Viviana Duron

If you're not a hardcore Halloween fan, it can be frustrating to invest in a ton of themed decorations and dinnerware that you can only use one day a year. Don't worry—there's still a way to embrace October 31 without going all-out on skull- and spiderweb-emblazoned wares.

We went in search of the best Halloween decorating ideas that are cost-efficient, simple, and startlingly effective. Many start with classic items from retailers like Target, IKEA, and H&M Home and transform them with the use of inexpensive add-ons, like fresh ivy or water colored with food dye. The best part? After the holiday is over, you'll still be able to use each item in your home.

Browse the top 11 Halloween products to buy now, and learn how to transform them with easy decorating ideas.