11 Halloween Decorating Ideas That Are Scary Good

Halloween decorations
Original Design by Viviana Duron

If you're not a hardcore Halloween fan, it can be frustrating to invest in a ton of themed decorations and dinnerware that you can only use one day a year. Don't worry—there's still a way to embrace October 31 without going all-out on skull- and spiderweb-emblazoned wares.

We went in search of the best Halloween decorating ideas that are cost-efficient, simple, and startlingly effective. Many start with classic items from retailers like Target, IKEA, and H&M Home and transform them with the use of inexpensive add-ons, like fresh ivy or water colored with food dye. The best part? After the holiday is over, you'll still be able to use each item in your home.

Browse the top 11 Halloween products to buy now, and learn how to transform them with easy decorating ideas.

H&M Triangular Candle Holder
H&M Triangular Candle Holder $18

Wrap this three-tier black candlestick with fresh ivy to give it instant Halloween vibes. 

IKEA Low Glass Display Case
IKEA Härliga Glass Dome $13

Transform this glass dome by putting a black-dyed rose or DIY creation on display. 

H&M Tall Metal Candlestick
H&M Tall Metal Candlestick $18

Add black taper candles, and leave them to burn for a few hours so they drip down the candlestick. 

H&M Stoneware sculpture
H&M Stoneware Sculpture $18

Repurpose this jewelry holder by styling it on an entryway console or even in the center of a Bundt cake dripping in icing—it'll give any setting a spooky touch. 

IKEA Tall Glass Vase
IKEA Storhet Champagne Coupe $2

Serve themed cocktails in these traditional coupes, or add eyeball-shaped lychee in water colored with purple food dye to put on display. 

H&M Tapered Candles
H&M Tapered Candles $10

There are a ton of ways to style these simple black tapers, but one of our favorites is hung with clear plastic string from the ceiling so they appear to be floating. 

IKEA Samordna Decorative Boxes
IKEA Samordna Decorative Boxes $10

Hide themed items in these colored glass display boxes, and then use them to house cotton rounds and buds when Halloween is over. 

Philips Halloween Dewdrop LED String Lights
Philips Halloween Dewdrop LED String Lights $3

Scatter these tiny string lights over your table setting to create ambiance. 

H&M Tall Glass Vase
H&M Tall Glass Vase $25

Dramatic and modern, this smoky glass vase is beautiful year-round, and not just for Halloween. Add wiry bare branches for an elegant display.

Pottery Barn Copper Candy Cauldron
Pottery Barn Copper Candy Cauldron $50

If you're going to invest in one Halloween-themed item, it should be this $50 cauldron from Pottery Barn. Add candy, punch, or dry ice to dial up the theatrics or style it on a farmhouse-themed table for fall entertaining. 

H&M Low Glass Display Case
H&M Low Glass Display Case $30

This black display case makes a perfect jewelry box once your Halloween party is over. 

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