How to Decorate Like Your Favorite Halloween Films

Halloween tends to bring out the best in one of our favorite home décor categories—spirited vintage. When securing our seasonal must list for haunted holiday soirées, we're all about a curated investment in soulful antiques and spooky anomalies. Vintage accoutrements are timelessly cool and undeniably authentic. Enter our list of celluloid favorites. Our top billing of Halloween films lends endless inspiration toward imaginative, larger-than-life interiors and eerily surreal props galore.

We've narrowed down the must-see Halloween flicks (be sure to catch them all) and paired them with our best-laid plans for the most festive and fantastical All Hallow's Eve decorations anywhere. From Victorian-era trappings to Tim Burton–worthy Memphis movement accessories, these artful and offbeat accents pay perfect homage to our ongoing romance with all things Halloween. Get ready to deck the halls with the eerie awesomeness of the silver screen. Put some Addams in your Wednesday. This is what chic to death looks like.

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