The Ultimate Halloween Movie Guide (Organized by Thrill Threshold)


Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

The onset of a new season brings more than just a change in weather. With the cool breeze comes some of the best fall recipes and super-cozy interiors we all want to snuggle up in, but there’s one thing we really love about this time of year: Halloween. As the days get shorter (and darker), the nights get creepier, and we’re all in the mood for a scary movie marathon. So to get you in the spooky spirit, we rounded up all the freaky flicks to watch with friends or your S.O. But these aren’t your regular family-friendly Netflix movies; it’s a whole other level of scare factor. What gives one person nightmares is child’s play to another, and while we know sleep is important, so is having Halloween fun.

So how do you find a film that suits everyone’s scare tolerance? We curated a guide to mediate the movie-selection process (which can cause arguments as violent as the horror films themselves) and organized them by fear threshold. There are seven different levels in order from lighthearted to horrifying (although once you get the past level three, you're pretty much signing up for sheer panic). Are you ready for this?

Which scary movies do you plan on watching, and are there any we should add to this list? Fill us in before your start the viewing party!