10 Fun and Healthy(ish) Halloween Treats for Kids

It's almost time to break out the fake blood and plastic Dracula teeth for our favorite scary holiday. For most of us, aside from the spooky costumes, Halloween is all about the treats. While we happily endorse the consumption of candy this time of year, too much sugar isn't all that sweet for your health, especially when it comes to children. So this year, why not get the kids in the kitchen and create your own sinfully saccharine delights. The trick for getting kids to eat healthy is to make it look so seriously fun and cool that they can't possibly resist. While some of the recipes included below do contain sugar—which you can swap with healthier alternatives—we think treats made with love in your own kitchen are always healthier than the store-bought variety. Scroll down for a few clever and creepy recipe ideas to make Halloween fun (and healthy-ish).