18 Hallway Decor Ideas That Will Convince You to Decorate Every Inch of Your Home

hallway decor ideas

Design: Sara Tramp for EHD, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Chances are, you've put a lot less effort into decorating your home's hallways than you have the actual, well, rooms in your house. And it's understandable: cramped, poorly lit, and sparse, they're not exactly the most inspiring stretches of square footage. Or at least, that's what we used to think, before these awe-inspiring, high-impact hallways and entryways changed our opinion forever.

In spite of their limited footprint, each hallway is bursting with personality, practical storage options, and—yes—bright, inviting light. These spaces show that no nook or cranny should be overlooked when decorating your abode, because it's often the least expected design "moments" that have the most impact—both on your guests, and even on your home's inhabitants when they groggily wander down the hall for a quick glass of water at night. (You'd be amazed how much of a mood-lifter a well-decorated hallway can be.)

Click through to see the hallway and entryway designs that have revolutionized the way we think about these in-between spaces.

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Simply Perfect

Scandi minimalism at its finest. This simple planter box provides a low-profile space to corral decor, plants, magazines, or a few necessary essentials for when you're running out the door.

ferm living plant box
Ferm Living Plant Box $269
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Green Space

Hallways and entryways are prime spots for plant life, provided they get enough light. For darker corridors, go ahead and opt for convincing fakes—we won't tell.

Some great low light plants include pothos, rubber plants, and peace lilies.

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Tight Turn

In close quarters like this, there's really no room for anything off-the-wall—but this space still makes a very striking impression through its use of paint and floor covering. Punch up even the smallest hallway by painting trims a high-contrast hue, and selecting tile or carpet (or both, as seen here) that have plenty of personality. The final touch? An on-trend round mirror to, ahem, round out the space.

round mirror
CB2 Croft Round Brass Mirror $329
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The L-Word

A masterclass in hallway styling, this L-shaped space has everything a good entryway might need: a landing pad for mail, keys, and other essentials, hooks for handbags and umbrellas, and an inviting upholstered bench for pulling off rain boots.

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The Skinny

Some narrow hallways just are never going to fit a cozy bench, no matter how you slice it. But this little runway proves that wall space can be your best friend when it comes to storage. Sculptural wall hooks and sleek shelf boxes make a home for decor and necessities, while a bold runner rug and statement light fixture brighten things up.

hallway runner
Serena & Lily South Shore Runner Rug $298
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Desk Space

Ok, we're officially jealous of this swoon-worthy console, complete with a task lamp and leather ottoman. Can you blame us? For hallways with a bigger footprint, this is definitely worth adding to your project list.

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Storage Solutions

If you're looking for serious storage, an IKEA cabinet, wooden bench, and plenty of hooks can turn any hallway into a makeshift mudroom. A vintage rug, woven baskets, and shiplap add plenty of style.

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The Long Goodbye

An extra-long radiator couldn't ruin this space—it just created a unique storage option in the form of a ledge, perfect for arranging a few treasured knick knacks or corralling guests' accessories.

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Going Up

When your hallway is little more than a wall nook in between doorways, it's tough to make use of that space. But with vertical storage, even the smallest wedge of wasted space can become an endearing design moment. Just consider this little plant's lofty new home.

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Off The Ledge

Don't talk us down—we're loving this ledge arrangement that accommodates even the most fickle art lovers. Simply swap pieces in and out as the mood strikes—this way, super-short hallways with limited wall space can show off double or triple their normal allotment of masterpieces throughout the year.

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Seeing Spots

Talk about making every inch count. This creative space uses its limited square footage to the fullest extent, both visually and functionally. Maximalist wallpaper and two-tone walls coexist brilliantly, while an occasional table with store-beneath ottomans and a leaning blanket ladder (in the side hall) offers space to perch, hook, and hang.

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Dressing Down

Go ahead, break the rules. Dressers don't have to be exiled to the bedroom—a highboy style like this one actually makes tons of sense in a hallway, since it takes advantage of vertical space that might otherwise be wasted.

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Stay A While

With a bench this lush and inviting, we wouldn't be surprised to find our party guests languishing in the hallway. Plush velvet, plenty of throw pillows, and glam marble side tables bring decadence and drama to this little space.

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Up & Away

Gallery walls are *so* last year—now we're all about flashing neon, provided it's accessorized by bold lacquered red light fixtures and furniture, of course.

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The Hookup

We'll admit, it's been a minute since we've seen these accordion peg hooks...but we think they might be poised for a comeback. Their geometric shape contrasts nicely with this colorblocked wall motif.

accordion wall hook
PBteen Accordion Wall Hook $69
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The Full Picture

Sure, a little mirror for checking your lipstick and making sure there are no stray spinach bits in your teeth is nice, but don't we all *really* want to see our whole head-to-toe looks before dashing out the door? A full-length mirror not only gives this little hallway a wide-open, spacious feel, but it lets you make sure that, yes, you're wearing matching shoes before you head to that morning meeting.

floor mirror
West Elm Modern Streamline Floor Mirror $499
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Blue Note

Stop the presses: This is the hallway entry of our dreams—complete with texture-adding beadboard, brass hooks, and a familiar, buzzworthy shade of deep blue.

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In For The Long Hall

Super long hallways can feel like a chore to walk down, but not when you're encouraged along by a smattering of different touchable textures like in this high-contrast corridor. The wall hanging, runner, and light fixture all feel similar yet different enough to create visual interest and make the journey that much more enjoyable.

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