18 Hallway Decor Ideas That Will Convince You to Decorate Every Inch of Your Home

hallway decor ideas

Design: Sara Tramp for EHD, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Chances are, you've put a lot less effort into decorating your home's hallways than you have the actual, well, rooms in your house. And it's understandable: cramped, poorly lit, and sparse, they're not exactly the most inspiring stretches of square footage. Or at least, that's what we used to think before these awe-inspiring, high-impact hallways and entryways changed our opinion forever.

Despite their limited footprint, each hallway is bursting with personality, practical storage options, and—yes—bright, inviting light. These spaces show that no nook or cranny should be overlooked when decorating your abode. It's often the least expected design "moments" that have the most impact—both on your guests and even on your home's inhabitants when they groggily wander down the hall for a quick glass of water at night. (You'd be amazed how much of a mood-lifter a well-decorated hallway can be.)

Click through to see the hallway and entryway designs that have revolutionized how we think about these in-between spaces.

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Try Dećor That is Simple and Elegant

hallway with gallery wall and candles

Emily Henderson

Whether you're working with a wide or narrow hallway, the dećor you choose can have an impact. Opting for simple yet elegant options will make a statement you can be proud of. Rather than going with just a gallery wall, choose gold or wood frames for your curated pieces or even mount candelabras onto your wall to give the hallway a glamorous feel.

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Don't Shy Away From Color

hallway with green walls and wicker chair

Calimia Home

Even though it's not a room, that doesn't mean your hallway needs to stay neutral. Adding a dose of color can liven things up—like this gorgeous green in this hallway with a window nook. The green gives off a calm, relaxing vibe while still remaining vibrant and inviting.

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Don't Neglect a Short Space

hallway with arch

Domm Dot Com

In close quarters like this, there's really no room for anything off-the-wall—but this hall still makes a very striking impression. The white walls give the feel of a larger space, and the arched entryways add some personality, along with the large piece of artwork hanging on the wall. The final touch? An on-trend round mirror to, ahem, round out the space.

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Make Use of The Entry

rustic farmhouse elegant hallway

Katie Hackworth

A masterclass in hallway styling, this space has everything a good entryway might need: a gorgeous piece of art to add some flair, hooks for handbags and umbrellas, and an inviting wooden chair for pulling off rain boots. The patterned circle rug in the center adds some interest.

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Built-Ins Are an Option

narrow hallway with built-in bench

Kate Marker Interiors

Some hallways won't allow you to showcase everything you want, no matter how you slice it. But this little runway proves that built-ins can be your best friend when it comes to customizing. A thin white bench on one side provides some seating, while a narrow wall-to-wall table offers a place to display dećor and other items, while a bold runner rug brightens things up.

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Add Some Desk Space

desk seating space in hallway

JK Interior Living

Ok, we're officially jealous of this swoon-worthy console, complete with built-in cabinets plenty of drawers for storage. Can you blame us? For hallways with a bigger footprint, this is definitely worth adding to your project list.

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Search for Storage Solutions

hallway with daisy tile floor leading into entry

Kate Marker Interiors

If you're looking for serious storage, a wooden bench and plenty of hooks can turn any hallway into a makeshift mudroom. A vintage rug, woven baskets tucked under the bench, and shiplap add plenty of style.

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Don't Forget About Lighting

hallway decorated with white walls and lighting

Bespoke Only

Statement lighting can certainly brighten a space up. If you don't have a ton of room or wall space to decorate, then turn your eyes upward and opt for an impressive light fixture that will do the trick. Plus, if it happens to leave gorgeous reflections on your walls, even better!

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Get Personal

hallway with doorway frame and eclectic decor

K Shan Design

While it may go without saying to some, it never hurts to get personal with your dećor choices. Your hallway can be the perfect place to show off eclectic staples, striking art, and small personal items that you don't want to hide away in other rooms. Hallways allow you to display everything front and center.

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Let The Light In

glass wall hallways

Kate Marker Interiors

Naturally, not every hallway has glass panels like this one, but this hallway still makes a good point about not keeping out natural light if there is access. Plenty of light, a vintage floor runner, and plenty of white make this narrow hallway feel larger than life.

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Keep Your Floor in Mind

minimalist hallway

Charlie Interior Design

Your walls aren't the only option to ensure your hallway makes a statement. Your flooring can make quite the impact, too, especially if you have an entryway attached. From ornate detailed tile patterns to extensive bold options, your flooring can set the stage for your hallway dećor.

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Go Green

short hallway with stairwell and plants

Leaf and Lolo

Hallways and entryways are prime spots for plant life, provided they get enough light. For darker corridors, go ahead and opt for convincing fakes—we won't tell. Add extra style by tiling any stairs leading up to the hall for some intrigue and personality.

Not enough light? No problem. Low light plants like pothos, rubber plants, and peace lilies can still thrive.

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Try Dressing Down

dresser in hallway

Jenn Pablo Studio

Go ahead, break the rules. Dressers don't have to be exiled to the bedroom—a highboy style like this one actually makes tons of sense in a hallway since it takes advantage of vertical space that might otherwise be wasted.

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Get Artistic

hallway with mural

Brexton Cole Interiors

The phrase "if these walls could talk" takes on a new meaning when looking at a hallway like this. Gorgeous murals that travel down the hallway are an efficient, chic way to decorate without adding too many items or cluttering up your space.

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Keep in Mind Your Theme

wide hallway with arches

Katie Hodges

While you certainly don't have to have a theme, if your home has something consistent going, then feel free to extend it to the hallway. Matching color palettes, natural textures, and patterns can create a cohesive feel that makes moving from one room to the next feel effortless.

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Get The Hookup

entry hallway with circular pegs to hang items on/ gray sofa and wood frame mirror.

Cathie Hong

If large wall hooks aren't your thing, don't fret—there are other options available. Small circular pegs can easily hold your scarves and handbags yet still look subtle and stylish on their own.

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The Full Picture

hallway with pink front door, full length mirror, plants

Home By Polly

Sure, a little mirror for checking your lipstick and making sure there are no stray spinach bits in your teeth is nice, but don't we all *really* want to see our whole head-to-toe looks before dashing out the door? A full-length mirror not only gives this little hallway a wide-open, spacious feel, but it lets you make sure that, yes, you're wearing matching shoes before you head to that morning meeting.

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Work With a Statement Piece

white hallway with single piece of art

Maite Granda

You don't have to cover every inch of your hallway with items (unless you want to!) in order to make a statement. Placing a singular piece of art at the end of the hallway is an easy and efficient way to make the space feel bright and vibrant without going overboard.

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In For The Long Hall

long hallway with exposed wood beams

Kate Marker Interiors

Super long hallways can feel like a chore to walk down, but not when you're encouraged along by a smattering of different textures like in this arched corridor. The exposed wood beams, runner, and light fixtures all feel cohesive yet different enough to create visual interest and make the journey that much more enjoyable.

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