12 Products for a Chic Hamptons-Inspired Pool Party

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Pool with flamingo floatie

Maite Granda

Summertime is here and it's a tradition for many to throw their annual pool party, so why not do it the chicest way possible without the hassle of actually traveling out to the Hamptons? Combine bright colors with traditional coastal decorations and you've got yourself a well-decorated and unique party that everyone will talk about for years to come. Throw a Hamptons-inspired pool party with these 12 products that'll transform your backyard into a sophisticated and fun soirée.

FUNBOY x Barbie Golf Cart

FUNBOY x Barbie golf cart

Neiman Marcus

Give your pool a splash of fun with this Barbie-inspired golf cart pool float that'll have your guests swooning. With its oversized design, friends can share and float away their troubles together or simply lounge under the sun. The pool float comes with both a cup holder and a detachable fringe mesh shade for days when the UV index is a bit too high.

Pottery Barn Teak Wood Pool Storage Collection

Teak Wood Pool Storage Collection

Pottery Barn

Nobody likes going in and out of the house, especially when you've been swimming throughout the day. Place wooden storage near the pool area where towels and pillows can be stored, so guests can grab anything they need without the extra trip.

Business & Pleasure Co. Beach Blanket

Business & Pleasure Co. Beach Blanket


It may be warm and sunny during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, it can get a bit chilly. Stay warm with these beach blankets that come in various patterns and are oversized enough for your guests to share if you're chatting near a fire pit or watching an outdoor movie. The blankets also come with an attachable strap, so they'll be easier to carry around.

Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Cabana

Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Cabana

Williams Sonoma

No pool party is a Hamptons-inspired soirée without one of these airy and chic cabanas. A cabana will be the perfect spot for your guests to take a break from all the festivities during the day. It's extra roomy and protects against UV rays, so it's guaranteed to make your guests happy. The cabana comes in a canvas carry bag, so it's easy to store in a garage or outdoor shed when it's not in use.

Magnolia Casual Bumblebee Summer Palms Swing

Summer swinging chair

Neiman Marcus

Since some guests may not want to swim, consider setting up various sitting areas for guests to get comfortable. These stunning green chairs will keep them away from the sun and under the shade as well as keep them occupied. It's a great place to catch up with friends without the party distractions.

Sunnylife Luxe Beach Umbrella

Luxe Beach Umbrella


Oversized fringe umbrellas should be the focal decorative piece of your party. With its vibrant color and chic fringe, this umbrella will bring extra pizazz to the rest of your party's theme while also providing shade to those that need it.

business and pleasure 2-Piece Vintage-Inspired Beach Chairs

2-Piece Vintage-Inspired Beach Chairs


If you're worried about running out of seats for the number of guests that you've invited, prepare some foldable beach chairs that can be brought out easily whenever needed. These vintage-inspired beach chairs are a stylish addition with their rustic wood and striped patterns. They are built to last outside since they're resistant to mold, water, and UV rays.

Terrain Brass Pyramid Lantern, Tall

Brass Pyramid Lantern, Tall


Keep it classy with these modern brass lanterns that will light up any corner of your outdoor party when the sun goes down. Since they come in various sizes, you can arrange them any way you would like or add a group of them around a pool area. They'll help set a modern ambiance, so you and your guests can have an intimate dinner or chat near the pool.

Godinger Monterey Ice Bucket Set with 8 Champagne Flutes

Monterey Ice Bucket Set with 8 Champagne Flutes

Neiman Marcus

Champagne is the perfect way to start a party, but not until all the guests arrive. Keep your champagne bottle chilled properly in this stunning ice bucket that comes with eight champagne flutes so you can say cheers to celebrate.

Anthropologie Edith Bar Cart

Edith Bar Cart


Display all your beverages on this rattan bar cart throughout the party, so guests can go up whenever they want and get something to drink. The bar cart comes with three spacious shelves where cups can be placed in one row and drinks can be placed in the other. Due to its built-in wheels, the cart can be rolled around in the backyard or back inside the house when it needs a restocking of drinks and ice.

SUNNYLIFE x SMILEY 50th Anniversary Pool Ring & Beach Ball

SUNNYLIFE x SMILEY 50th Anniversary Pool Ring & Beach Ball

Neiman Marcus

The more, the merrier! It's a pool party for a reason, so feel free to fill the pool up with as many pools floats as you want so your guests are entertained all day. This one comes with an inflatable beach ball, so your guests can play pool games together. It's a smooth and clever way to break the ice and allow your guests to get to know each other by playing with each other.

Matouk Schumacher Leaping Leopard Beach Towel

Matouk Schumacher Leaping Leopard Beach Towel


Bring in some bright and fun summer colors to your party in a subtle way with these leopard towels. It adds color to your party's theme without it being too showy. With it coming in various colors, guests will be able to choose the one that fits their personal taste while also knowing which one's theirs when they need to dry off or tan.