Amazon Is Taking On Etsy in a MAJOR New Way

Amazon recently launched Handmade at Amazon, and so far it looks as if the marketplace tycoon is poised to take on the handmade world. Within hours of Handmade at Amazon’s launch, Etsy shares were down 5%. Etsy has been synonymous with the artisanal maker movement for years, but given Amazon’s 285 million–strong buyer network, it looks like Etsy might need to worry. Entrepreneur asks the question, “Can a tech juggernaut known for its focus on speed and automation successfully market itself as a place to buy all things crafty?” With over 80,000 items already for sale and a primed audience of over a quarter-billion loyal buyers, it seems Amazon just might be ready to take Etsy’s title.

Shop a few of our favorite Handmade at Amazon products below.

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