Rosé Vodka Exists and Basically Tastes Like Summer in a Bottle

Updated 02/05/18
Hangar 1

Rosé season might be well and truly behind us, but Hangar 1's latest creation will make you want to reach for a blush-colored tipple—even in the dead of winter. Meet Rosé Vodka, a first-of-its-kind blend that combines two classic drinks in one delicious, Millennial Pink, 60-proof drop.

We hear you: What makes this any different from last year's buzzy drinks, like rosé gin and tequila? Unlike many other wine-infused spirits on the market, Bon Appétit points out that Rosé Vodka actually tastes like rosé. No, it's not just a spirit with pink coloring. "The best description is that it tastes exactly like it sounds: rosé with higher proof from vodka, or vodka watered down slightly with rosé," its editors say. When our team tried the new drink, we were surprised by its versatility. It tasted smooth and slightly fruity on the rocks and offered an unexpected twist in classic cocktails.

"We looked at the booming rosé trend throughout America and in our own backyard and created something that wine lovers will want to sit and sip year long," says head distiller Caley Shoemaker. She describes the aroma as floral with notes of honey crisp apple, sweet pea blossoms, and a hint of peach an citrus. The mouthfeel is round and silky, with notes of tart cranberry and a hint of oak.

If you're hosting a Valentine's Day soirée or looking for a drink that reminds you of warmer weather, we think we've found just the thing.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka $30

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