Women With These 3 Job Titles Are Happiest At Work—Do You Agree?

Updated 05/31/17

There are the Sunday blues, Sunday fear, Sunday Scaries—all kinds of expressions to describe the dread of going back to work on Monday. While no job is perfect, feeling happy, satisfied, and fulfilled in your job is something we're all after. To determine which jobs women are actually happiest at, the job/company review site Fairygodboss collected job satisfaction data from all of its site users for over a year and analysed it for patterns across job titles. Certain job titles correlated to higher levels of job satisfaction for women at work, and the top three were:

1. Senior program manager

2. Senior product manager

3. Sales representative, principal, and senior marketing manager (tied) 

We think it's interesting that the top three involve the word "senior," as opposed to potentially higher titles like chief, executive, or director. Of course, this is only speculation as we don't have the data or methods of analysis, but perhaps this speaks to reaching a level of seniority that feels fulfilling while not being so high up in a company that everything that goes wrong is on your shoulders. Interestingly enough, the title "intern" came in at number four, and bottom on the list was vice president, attorney, and business manager.

Head on over to Forbes to see the rest of the interesting data.

Do you agree with this data? Are you one of these job titles and super happy (or not) in your job? Weigh in below!

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