The 4 Things I Do When I Need a Happiness Boost ASAP

If you were to ask me if I was feeling anxious at any given moment, the answer would most likely be yes. Over time, I've come to recognize this somewhat alienating feeling as three separate things: One, a facet of my personality, two, a reality of adulthood and life itself, and three, a completely normal and serendipitously unifying emotion that connects us all as humans.

Ever since I was first able to properly identify this feeling and link it to a name (a connection that dawned on me in ninth grade health class), I've been taking note of different coping strategies and giving them a try myself. While the below tactics have by no means "cured" me of anxiety, they do help me to get out of my head, brighten my mood, and tackle these feelings in a way that feels productive. Here's exactly what I do when I need a happiness boost.